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    Kalvoda, J.
Author of Monograph
    Stručná geologie základu Českého masivu a jeho karbonského a permského pokryvu
Author of Article
    Basal Emsian (Zlíchovian) event: Dark, graptolite-bearing interval close above the first occurrence of Po. dehiscens - 'Mramorka' quarry near Chýnice
    Brunovistulian terrane (Bohemian Massif, Central Europe) from late Proterozoic to late Paleozoic: a review
    Center for Earth Dynamics Research (CEDR) - results of five years of activity
    Dark, Graptolite-Bearing Level within the Earliest Emsian Beds of the Barrandian [394 Ma]: Possible Event Correlation. Abstracts
    Devonian boundary intervals of Bohemia and Moravia
    Extinction and recovery succession of the Devonian marine shoals: Eifelian-Givetian and Frasnian-Famennian events, Moravia and Bohemia
    Geomorphological aspects of natural hazards and risks in the Czech Republic
    Geomorphological history and monitoring of selected rapid mass movements in north-west Bohemia
    Late Devonian (Famennian) Glaciation in south America and marine offlap on other continents
    Late Devonian glaciation in Gondwana: Global lacunae, emergent carbonate banks, and Lowstand eutrophication
    Late Devonian glaciation in Gondwana: Setting the stage for Carboniferous eustacy
    Late Devonian Glaciation in Gondwana: Setting the Stage for Carboniferous Eustasy
    Life strategies during the extinction and recovery at Eifelian-Givetian and Frasnian-Famennian boundaries in Bohemia and Moravia
    Morphotectonic evidences of the Quaternary geodynamics in selected localities of nuclear power plants
    Nové stratigrafické údaje z bouzovského a západodrahanského kulmu. 2, 2. roťník. 2, 2. roťník
    Nové stratigrafické údaje z bouzovského a západodrahanského kulmu (New stratigraphic data from the Bouzov and West Drahany Culm)
    Odpověď na recenzi Jaroslava Dvořáka (Carbonate ramp environment of Kellwasser time-interval)
    Pragian of the Prague Synform: stratigraphy, global correlation and boundary problems
    Rate of erosion and exhumation of crystalline rocks in the Hunza Karakoram defined by apatite fission track analysis
    Series and stage boundaries in the Devonian of the Czech Republic
    A short range anomaly in the earliest Emsian sedimentation of the Barrandian: possible reflection of widely controlled or global event. Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy
    Spodní karbon, do konce visé
    Stratigraphic reconstruction of tectonically disturbed carbonate sequences along the western margin of the Brno batholith: a need of multidisciplinary approach
    Stratigraphic significance and resolution of spectral reflectance logs in Lower Devonian carbonates of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic; a correlation with magnetic susceptibility and gamma-ray logs
    Structure and thermal alteration of Moravo-Silesian zone, Czech Republic
    Summary of papers by Czech participants at the XVIIIth INQUA Congress in Bern
    Terminální historie paleozoika vybraných oblastí jihovýchodní části Českého masívu na základě odraznosti vitrinitu
Editor of Monograph
    Czech Geography at the Dawn of the Millenium
    Dynamická a evoluční geomorfologie