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    Keller, G. Randy
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    ALP 2002 experiment - 2D raytracing modelling and seismic tomography of selected profiles
    ALP 2002 Seismic Experiment
    CELEBRATION 2000: Huge Seismic Experiment in Central Europe
    CELEBRATION 2000 Seismic Experiment
    Crustal structure of the Western Carpathians from CELEBRATION 2000 data
    Huge contrasts of the lithospheric structure revealed by new generation seismic experiments in Central Europe
    Large seismic experiments in the area between East European craton and younger orogens of Central Europe
    An overview of recent seismic refraction experiments in Central Europe
    PASSEQ 2006-2008: Passive seismic experiment in Trans-European Suture Zone
    SUDETES 2003 Seismic Experiment
    Transects across the geological units of the Western Carpathians and interpretation (seismic, gravity, magnetoteluric)