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    Koller, F.
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    Compositional variation of biotite from Variscan granitoids in central Europe: a statistic evaluation
    Contrasting styles of magmatic zoning in the Central Moldanubian Pluton
    Excursion in die metamorphen Serien und magmatischen Gesteinskomplexe des Waldviertels, Moldanubikum, Österreich
    Geochemie peraluminických granitů Centrálního moldanubického plutonu
    Geochemie und Flüssigkeitseinschlusstudien an Molybdänit-haltigen Greisengesteinen des österreichischen Anteils an der Böhmischen Masse
    Geochronological evidence for the derivation of the Mecsek Mountains, South Hungary, from Variscan Central Europe
    Mafic K- and Mg-Rich Magmatic Rocks from the Western Mühlviertel (Austria) Area and the Adjacent Part of the Šumava Mountains (Czech-Republic)
    Petrochemistry of Variscan granitoids of Central Europe: Correlation of Variscan granitoids of the Tisia and Pelsonia Terranes with granitoids of the Moldanubicum, Western Carpathian and Southern Alps. A review: Part I
    Phosphorus-rich garnets from leucocrate igneous rocks (Přibyslavice, Moldanubicum, Czech Republic)
    Two-mica granites from the triple-point of Czech Republic, Germany and Austria
    Two-mica granites in the central part of the South Bohemian Pluton
    Variation of Li-, Be-, Rb-, and Sn-contents in micas from Variscan granites of the South Bohemian Pluton