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    Konečný, P.
Author of Article
    Mineral-melt-fluid composition of carbonate-bearing cumulate xenoliths in Tertiary alkali basalts of southern Slovakia
    Sapphire from Hajnáčka (Cerová Highlands, southern Slovakia)
    Upper mantle xenoliths from the Pliocene Kozákov volcano (NE Bohemia): P-T-fO2 and geochemical constraints
    The uraninite-pyrite association, a sensitive indicator of changes in fluid chemistry: element gains and losses
Editor of Monograph
    1. Česko-polské geomechanické symposium
    1. Česko-polské geomechanické sympozium
    1.Česko-polské geomechanické symposium
    Documenta geonica 2001. Geonics 2001. Temperature and its influence on geomaterials
    Eurock 2005 - Impact of Human Activity on the Geological Environment
    Eurock 2005. Impact of Human Activity on the Geological Environment. Proceedings
    Sborník referátů 2. česko-polské konference o sedimentologii karbonu hornoslezské pánve