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    Kopáček, Jiří, 1956-
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    Chemical composition of atmospheric deposition in the catchments of Plešné and Čertovo lakes in 1998-2012
    Chemistry of Prášilské Lake and its tributaries during the 1998 summer temperature stratification
    Chemistry of tributaries to Plešné and Čertovo lakes during 1998-2012
    Climate warming accelerates decrease of aluminum concentrations in acidified lakes
    Dissolved organic carbon trends resulting from changes in atmospheric deposition chemistry
    Increasing silicon concentrations in Bohemian Forest lakes
    Isotope composition of tree rings of Norway spruce (Bohemian Forest, Central Europe) exposed to atmospheric pollution
    Lake sediment evidence of air pollution from pre-historic copper and bronze production
    Limnological survey of the lakes Wielki Staw and Mały Staw in the Giant Mts. (Karkonosze)
    Mass balance of nutrients and major solutes in the Plešné watershed-lake ecosystem in the 2001 hydrological year
    Natural inactivation of phosphorus by aluminium in atmospherically acidified surface waters
    Obnovit či neobnovit přečerpávání vody do Černého jezera?
    Photochemical and biological degradation of allochtonous dissolved organic carbon and its impact on alkalinity production in acidified lakes
    Photochemical release of metal species in stream waters
    Photochemical source of aluminum for sediments and its long-term impact on internal phosphorus cycling
    Současné zotavování acidifikovaných jezer na Šumavě
    Speciation of Al, Fe, and P in recent sediment from three lakes in Maine, USA
    Speciation of Al, Fe, and P in recent sediment of three Maine lakes, USA
    Sulphate sorption characteristics of the Bohemian Forest soils
    Vliv oteplování na chemizmus vod šumavských jezer