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    Kubizňáková, Jana
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    Acidification potential of deposition in Norway spruce forests in Finland and the Czech Republic during the 1990´s
    Analysis of atmospheric input, soil solution and runoff from a small mountain forested catchment
    Atmospheric deposition in spruce forests in Bohemia - the filtering approach
    Behavior of beryllium in the Sokolov district
    Changes in acidic deposition on spruce forest ecosystems in the mountains of Bohemia
    Emission Abatement Strategies and the Environment (EASE) for the Black Triangle
    Integrated GIS and Remotely Sensed Data for Input and Runoff Monitoring
    Invertebrates as geochemical monitoring objects
    Jsou kyselé deště ve světě problémem?
    Lead and its isotopic analysis in bark pocket as anthropogenic indicator of atmospheric inputs to landscape
    Lead isotope ratios in tree bark pockets: An indicator of past air pollution in the Czech Republic
    Long-term changes and trends in precipitation input to Czech landscapes