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    Manchester, Steven R.
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    Dioonopsis Horiuchi et Kimura leaves from the Eocene of western North America: a Cycad shared with the Paleogene of Japan
    Ditaxocladus (extinct Cupressaceae, Cupressoideae) from the Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene of the Northern Hemisphere
    Eur-American Floristic Similarities through the Cenophytic: Introduction
    Fossil fruits of Pteleaecarpum Weyland - Tiliaceous not Sapindaceous
    Früchte und Samen von Craigia bronnii aus Obermiozän von Hambach (Niederrheinische Bucht - Deutschland) - Vorläufige Mitteilung
    Fruit and seed of Craigia bronnii (Malvaceae-Tilioideae) and associated flower buds from the late Miocene inden Formation, Lower Rhine Basin, Germany.
    Fruits and foliage of Sloanea (Elaeocarpaceae) from the Early Oligocene of Hungary and Slovenia
    Inflorescences and compound leaves of the extinct Platanus neptuni complex in the Oligocene of Oregon, USA
    Sapindaceous affinities of the Pteleaecarpum fruits from the Tertiary of Eurasia and North America
    Sloanea (Elaeocarpaceae) fruits and foliage from the Early Oligocene of Hungary and Slovenia
    Trifoliate leaves of Platanus bella (Heer) comb. n. from the Paleocene of North America, Greenland, and Asia and their relationship among extinct and extant Platanaceae
    Vegetative and reproductive structure of the extinct Platanus neptuni from the Tertiary of Europe and relationships within the Platanaceae