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    Moldan, Filip
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    Acidification and recovery modeling in four Swedish catchments with differing atmospheric deposition (Berg-Tresticklan-Tiveden-Vindeln)
    Catchment hydrology and acidification recovery at the Gardsjön covered catchment experiment
    Catchment-Scale Acidification Reversal Experiment at Gardsjön, South-west Sweden - Assessment of the Experimental Design
    Changes in the Soil Solution Chemistry After Exclusion of Acid Deposition
    Covered catchment experiment at Gardsjön: Changes in runoff chemistry after 4 years of experimentally reduced acid deposition
    The Covered Catchment Site : A Description of the Physiography, Climate and Vegetation of Three Small Coniferous Forest Catchments at Gardsjön, South-west Sweden
    Dynamic modelling at Integrated Monitoring sites - Model testing against observations and uncertainty
    The Hydrology of the Covered Catchment : Water Storage, Flowpaths and Residence Times
    Interaction of climate change and acid deposition
    Modeling long-term streamwater chemistry in the Berg catchment, southwestern Sweden
    Modelling Soil Acidification in a Roofed Catchment : Application of the SAFE Model
    Modelling soil nitrogen: The MAGIC model with nitrogen retention linked to carbon turnover using decomposer dynamics
    Modelling the effect of climate change on recovery of acidified freshwaters: Relative sensitivity of individual processes in the MAGIC model
    Modelling the Hydrology of the Covered Catchment
    Nitrogen, organic carbon and sulphur cycling in terrestrial ecosystems: Linking nitrogen saturation to carbon limitation of soil microbial processes
    Nitrogen saturation induced by experimental addition of ammonium nitrate to a forested catchment at Gardsjön, SW Sweden
    Recovery from Acidification in Central Europe ? Observed and Predicted Changes of Soil and Streamwater Chemistry in the Lysina catchment, Czech Republic
    Recovery from Acidification in the Forested Covered Catchment Experiment at Gardsjön : Effects on Biogeochemical Output Fluxes and Concentrations
    Recovery of Acidified European Surface Waters
    Simulating the Gärdsjön Covered Catchment Experiment with the MAGIC Model
    Vliv kyselého deště na povrchové vody : Modelování vývoje minulosti a budoucnosti povodí Lysina ve Slavkovském lese