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    Neznal, Matěj, 1963-
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    Experience with the Czech approach to preventive measures against radon - analysis of failures
    International intercomparison measurement of soil-gas radon concentration, of radon exhalation rate from building materials and of radon exhalation rate from the ground : Czech Republic, September 19-20, 2002
    The new method for assessing the radon risk of building site
    Nová metodika stanovení radonového indexu pozemku
    Possible ways to Radon Map of Europe - from input data to result
    Postup při hodnocení radonového rizika : poznámky k článku: Kritické stanovisko k současné metodice průzkumu pro stanovení radonové zátěže objektů (M.Bouška et al., Geotechnika 3/98, str. 6)
    Radon in soil gas at selected sites in Hokkaido, Japan
    Reliability of the new method for assessing the radon risk - gas permeability classification
    Soil gas radon concentration and permeability at "Valle della Caffarella" test site (Roma, Italy). Evaluation of gas sampling techniques and radon measurements using different approaches
    Transfer factor and ineffective measures against radon
    Transfer factor: can the parameter be used to predict the indoor radon concentration in an individual house?