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    Norton, Stephen A.
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    Climate warming accelerates decrease of aluminum concentrations in acidified lakes
    Contrasting chemical response to artificial acidification of five acidsensitive streams
    Extensive regional decrease of nitrate in central-European mountain streamwater
    Increasing silicon concentrations in Bohemian Forest lakes
    Lake sediment evidence of air pollution from pre-historic copper and bronze production
    Photochemical release of metal species in stream waters
    Photochemical source of aluminum for sediments and its long-term impact on internal phosphorus cycling
    Secondary soil phases controlling surface water chemistry during experimental acidification at the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine, USA
    Spatial and temporal changes in aluminum, iron, and base cations during an acidic episode at East Bear Brook, Maine USA
    Speciation of Al, Fe, and P in recent sediment from three lakes in Maine, USA
    Speciation of Al, Fe, and P in recent sediment of three Maine lakes, USA