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    Ondruš, Petr, 1960-
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    Ab initio X-ray powder structure determination of parascorodite, Fe(H2O)2AsO4
    Lemanskiite, NaCaCu5(AsO4)4Cl.5H2O, a new mineral species from the Abundancia mine, Chile
    Pseudojohannite from Jáchymov, Musonoi, and La Creusaz: A new member of the zippeite-group
    Secondary mineralization of Rožná uranium deposit and their comparison with the Jáchymov ore district
    Veselovskýite, triclinic (Zn,Cu,Co)Cu4(AsO4)2(AsO3OH)2 ? 9H2O, a Zn-dominant analogue of lindackerite
    Výskyt nitridu titanu (osbornitu) ve strusce z Kladna
    ZDS - a computer program for full analysis of X-ray powder diffraction patterns