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    Přikryl, Richard
Author of Monograph
    Abstract to the International Specialist Workshop on 'Long-term Performance of Smectitic Clays Embedding Canisters with Highly Radioactive Waste': Mineralogical and structural changes in bentonite barrier within Mock-Up-CZ experiment
    Alteration Processes in bentonites, poster to 18th Clay Conference in Czech republic
    Architectural and sculptural stone in cultural landscape
    Building Stone Decay: From Diagnosis to Conservation
    DIMENSION STONE 2004 (New perspectives for a traditional building material)
    Dimension stone. New perspectives for a traditional building material
    Dismantling of the Mock-Up-CZ experiment: 'Mineralogical Changes'. Poster to International Technical Conference on the Practical Aspects of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste
    Lux et Lapis (Light and Stone)
    Oprava Karlova mostu. Podrobný průzkum v lokalitě Březín u Manětína. Závěrečná zpráva o průzkumných pracích.
    Oprava Karlova mostu. Průzkum lokalit vhodného kamene. Závěrečná zpráva o průzkumných pracích
    Oprava Karlova mostu. Průzkum pro těžbu vhodného kamene na lokalitách Kamenná Hora, Lipí, Skelná Huť. Závěrečná zpráva o průzkumných pracích
    Ověřování úspěšnosti oprav a rekonstrukcí mostů. Identifikace alkalické reakce kameniva a nalezení jejích příčin
    Significance of rock fabric study for the interpretation of mechanical behaviour of common building stones
    Stavebí kámen
    SWAPNET (Stone Weathering and Atmospheric Pollution NETwork) 2001
    Termická analýza a její aplikace v geologii
    Understanding and managing stone decay
Author of Article
    Acoustic emission characteristics and failure of uniaxially stressed granitic rocks: the effect of rock fabric
    Alkali-silica reaction products: comparison between samples from concrete structures and laboratory test specimens
    Alteration processes in bentonites
    Anthropogenic origin of salt efflorescences on sandstone sculptures (Charles bridge, Prague, Czech Republic) ? mineralogical and stable isotope geochemistry evidence
    Assessment of rock geomechanical quality by quantitative rock fabric coefficients: Limitations and possible source of misinterpretations
    Cathodoluminescence microscopy and petrographic image analysis of aggregates in concrete pavements affected by alkali-silica reaction
    Chemical weathering of sandstone matrix - controls and case studies
    Comparison of the mineralogical compostion of crusts formed on natural stone in the natural environment and on monuments
    Contribution of clayey-calcareous silicite to the mechanical properties of structural mortared rubble masonry of medieval Charles Bridge in Prague (Czech Republic)
    Correlation of field seismic refraction data with 3-D laboratory ultrasonic sounding during exploration of a dimension stone deposit
    Current methods and future trends in testing, durability analyses and provenance studies of natural stones used in historical monuments
    Decorative marbles from the Krkonoše-Jizera Terrane (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic): provenance criteria
    Determination of source areas of natural stones: a methodology approach applied to impure crystalline limestones
    Diagnosing decay: the value of medical analogy in understanding the weathering of building stones
    Direct measurement of 3D elastic anisotropy on rocks from the Ivrea zone (Southern Alps, NW Italy)
    Effect of low and high fluence on experimentally laser-cleaned sandstone and marlstone tablets in dry and wet conditions
    Electronic database of historical natural stones of the Czech Republic: structuring field and laboratory data
    Evaluation of the alkali-silica reactivity potential of sands
    Experience with long term experimental exposure of building stones: a 70 years study in the Czech Republic
    Experimental approach to the laser cleaning of selected Czech sculptural stones
    Experimental weathering of marlstone from Přední Kopanina (Czech Republic) – historical building stone of Prague
    Fabric symmetry of low anisotropic rocks inferred from ultrasonic sounding: Implications for the geomechanical models
    Genesis of Czech bentonites related to their use in engineered barriers for nuclear waste disposal
    Geomorphosites and quarries
    Going underground: A new market for Czech bentonite in nuclear waste disposal
    Hierarchical porosity of bentonite-based buffer and its modification due to increased temperature and hydration
    Historical dimension stone resources the Czech Republic
    Identification of alkali-silica reactive fragments in sands and gravels, using the mortar bar method and gel pat test, modified by petrographic image analysis
    The influence of temperature and hydration on the sorption properties of bentonite
    The influence of temperature and hydration on the sorption properties of bentonite
    Intensity of weathering as a relative exposure age indicator of mass movements at Machu Picchu
    Investigating the use of weathering as a relative exposure age indicator of geomorphic events at Machu Picchu
    Isotopic composition of salt efflorescence from the sandstone castellated rocks of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic)
    Jaký přírodní kámen vybrat pro opravu Karlova mostu?
    Karbonské arkózy z kladensko-rakovnické pánve pro opravu Karlova mostu
    Karlův most - doplňující geotechnický průzkum v roce 2004
    Kontrola osazení stavebních kvádrů na soklech pilířů č. 8 a 9 u Karlova mostu pomocí Schmidtova kladiva typu M
    Kritéria výběru přírodního kamene pro opravu památek: experimentální hodnocení vybraných českých pískovců pro opravu Karlova mostu
    Krupník jako historický stavební a sochařský materiál severní Moravy a restaurování významné umělecké památky z tohoto kamene
    ?Leithakalk? limestones in the Lednice-Valtice area (southeast Moravia, Czech Republic): their occurrences and properties
    Leithakalk: the ornamental and building stone of Central Europe, an overview
    Material research of selected Gandharan reliefs deposited at the Náprstek museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, Prague, Czech Republic
    Material research of selected Gandharan reliefs deposited at the National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
    Materiály pro most
    Materiály pro most
    Materiály původního zdiva Karlova mostu a jejich skladba
    Mathematical approximation of non-linearity in multidirectional P-wave velocity - confining pressure behaviour based on real 3-D laboratory measurements
    Maturation of loess treated with variable lime admixture: Pore space textural evolution and related phase changes
    Methodology of analytical study for provenance determination of calcitic, calcite-dolomitic and impure marbles from historical quarries in the Czech Republic
    Microstructures and physical properties of -backfill- clays: comparison of residual and sedimentary montmorillonite clays
    Mineralogical changes in bentonite barrier within Mock-Up-CZ experiment
    Mineralogical changes in bentonite barrier within Mock-Up-CZ experiment
    Mineralogical changes in bentonite barrier within Mock-Up-CZ experiment
    The natural stone industry in the Czech Republic
    Natural stones for monuments: their availability for restoration and evaluation
    New natural stone for the reconstruction of Charles Bridge in Prague
    Overview of mineralogy of bentonites: genesis, physicochemical properties, industrial uses, and world production
    Petrographic examination of concrete from 20th century bridges and identification of reactive components
    Petrographic identification of alkali-reactive aggregates in concrete from 20th century bridges
    Physical and mechanical properties of selected amphibolite core samples from the Kola Superdeep Borehole KSDB-3
    Porosimetric studies in rocks: methods and application for weathered building stone
    Pre-restoration research of the Colonnade near Valtice (southern Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Processes affecting oxygen isotope ratios of atmospheric and ecosystem sulfate in two contrasting forest catchments in Central Europe
    Processes affecting oxygen isotope ratios of atmospheric and ecosystem sulfate in two contrasting forest catchments in Central Europe
    Provenance study of Czech marbles based on a comparison of mineralogical-petrographic, cathodoluminescence, plus C and O isotopic characteristics
    Přírodní kámen pro první etapu opravy Karlova mostu
    Quantification of reactive components in sands and gravels by petrographic image analysis (modified RILEM method)
    Raman spectra of reduced carbonaceous matter as a tool for determining the provenance of marbles: examples of "graphitic" marbles from Czech quarries
    Raman spectral characterization of dispersed carbonaceous matter in decorative crystalline limestones
    Restoration of the chlorite-talc schist sculptures
    Rock fabric anisotropy of building stones studied by P-waves and image analysis, and its relationship to mechanical properties
    Role of clay microstructure in expandable buffer clay
    Search for clay alternatives to bentonites used as a backfill in radioactive waste repository ? mineralogical approach
    Search for historical resources of dimension stone in the Czech Republic
    Seismic velocity anisotropy - measurement and application
    Some microstructural aspects of strength variation in rocks
    Spatial relationships of salt distribution and related physical changes of underlying rocks on naturally weathered sandstone exposures (Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech Republic)
    Tertiary montmorillonitic clays from the Cheb basin (Czech Republic): alternative backfill material in the nuclear waste disposal
    Theoretical and empirical relations between permeability and porosity
    Thermal loading of smectite-rich rocks: Natural processes vs. laboratory experiments
    Understanding the earth scientist?s role in the pre-restoration research of monuments: an overview
    Water absorption and dilatation of bentonites and montmorillonite-rich clays
    Weathering of limestone cladding above the waterproofing layer: salt action due to previous restoration of the Colonnade (Valtice-Lednice area, Czech Republic)
    Weathering of sandstone sculptures on Charles bridge (Prague, Czech republic) favoured by previous restoration