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    Paterson, Scott R.
Author of Article
    Characteristics of internal contacts in the Tuolumne Batholith, central Sierra Nevada, California (USA): Implications for episodic emplacement and physical processes in a continental arc magma chamber
    Eastern Margin of the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite (Sierra Nevada Batholith): Magmatic Fabrics, Internal Structures, Host Rocks Deformation and Emplacement Models in a Continental Island Arc Magma Chamber
    Formation and transfer of stoped blocks into magma chambers: The high-temperature interplay between focused porous flow, cracking, channel flow, host-rock anisotropy, and regional deformation
    Four magmatic fabrics in the Tuolumne batholith, central Sierra Nevada, California (USA) : implications for interpreting fabric patterns in plutons and evolution of magma chambers in the upper crust
    Is stoping a volumetrically significant pluton emplacement process? : discussion
    Magmatic erosion of the solidification front during reintrusion: the eastern margin of the Tuolumne batholith, Sierra Nevada, California
    Physical Processes Along Internal Boundaries in an Continental Arc Magma Chamber: Tuolumne Batholith, Central Sierra Nevada, California (USA)