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    Rojík, P.
Author of Monograph
    Za geologickými zajímavostmi Karlových Varů, Sokolovské pánve a západních Krušných hor
Author of Article
    The coal seam Anežka of the Sokolov Basin, a contribution to the relationship between sapropelic and liptodetritic coals
    Deep, subsurface microflora after excavation respiration and biomass and its potential role in degradation of fossil organic matter
    Nález duxitu v sokolovské pánvi
    Paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on rocks magnetic proxies from Miocene lake deposits in the Sokolov Basin (NW Bohemia)
    Weathering Rate of Fossil Organic Substance in Waste Dumps of Coal Mines and Large Construction Works and the Effect of Oxidation Products on Soil Properties of Dumping Grounds