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    Sedláček, R.
Author of Article
    Applications of composites based on glass fibers in human biomechanics
    Biocompatible Material Testing
    Bioinspired nanocomposite structures for bone tissue regeneration based on collagen, gelatin, polyamide and hydroxyapatite
    Biomaterials based on polysiloxanes and glass bibers
    Biomechanical properties of porous composites based on glass and polysiloxane
    Cages Based on the Carbon-Carbon Composites
    Characteristics of Materials to Be Used in Bone Surgery
    Characterization of the Interphase in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composite by a Modulus Mapping Test
    Comparison of biomechanical properties of carbon-carbon and glass composites
    Composite materials based on glass fabrics and siloxane matrix as substitutive and connective elements of bones in orthopaedics
    Composite materials based on glass fibers and polysiloxanes for bone surgery applications
    Composites based on bioglass
    Composites Based on Glass Fibers and Siloxane Matrix as a Promising Biomaterial
    Effect of Sterilization Processes on the Fiber/Matrix Interphase Properties of CF/PDMS Composite to be used in Orthopaedics
    Effects of thermal ageing on the static and cyclic mechanical properties of carbon fibres/PDMS composites for use in medicine
    Experiments Proposed when Developing Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composites
    Glass fibers and polysiloxanes based composite materials for biomedical applications
    Glass fibers based composites - biomedical applications
    The Influence of Steam Sterilization Processes on the Micro- and Macromechanical Properties of Polyamide Fiber-Reinforced PDMS Composites for Medical Device Applications
    The influence of sterilisation on the macromechanical properties of polyamide fibre-reinforced PDMS composites for orthopaedic applications
    Intervertebral Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composites - Experimental Measurements
    Intervertebral Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composites - Experimental Measurements
    Mechanical Testing of Carbon-Carbon Composite for Applications in Human Spine Surgery in the Form of Intervertebral Cages
    Nanowear Testing of Composite Materials
    Porous composite materials with polyamide reinforcement and siloxane matrix with nano-hydroxyapatite as biomaterials
    Some surface improvement and osseointegration