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    Sztacho, Petr
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    A fluid study of Au-W stratiform mineralization at Orlík near Humpolec, Czechoslovakia
    Marbles, calc-silicate rocks and skarns of the Moldanubian Unit (Bohemian Massif, Czechoslovakia) : Carbon and oxygen isotope and fluid inclusion constraints on their formation conditions
    Studium fluidních inkluzí na ložisku polymetalických rud Kutná Hora
    Studium fluidních inkluzí v horninách strukturního vrtu SVH-1 Heřmanovice
    Sulfide mineralization of the Kutná Hora ore district; Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic : stable isotope and fluid inclusion study
    Vein-type hydrothermal deposits of the Bohemian Massif: Evolution of hydrothermal fluid sources and relation to extension events in the crust