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    Urban, Ondřej
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    Grafit a organická geochemie bitumenů
    Influence of laminar flow on structural preorientation of coal tar pitch: Raman microspectroscope study
    Organic geochemistry of solutions liberated during during weathering of stock-piled lignite and bituminous coal
    Organic Products Liberated into Surface Waters during the Weathering of Stockpiled Lignite
    Organic products liberated into surface waters during the weathering of stockpiled lignite
    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons liberated from lignite and bituminous coal stock-piles during weathering.
    Raman spectra of accumulated and dispersed carbonaceous matter of Neoproterozoic age
    Raman spectroscopy of carbon and solid bitumens in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
    Sulfate-rich effluents liberated during in situ weathering of lignite and bituminous coal
    Výstup organických produktů zvětrávání ze skládek uhlí do půd