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    Vaculovič, Tomáš
Author of Article
    Beryl composition and evolution trends: an example from granitic pegmatites of the beryl-columbite subtype, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
    Crystallization history of Oligocene ijolitic rocks from the Doupovské hory Volcanic Complex (Czech Republic)
    Experimental studies on interactions of molten LiFNaF salt with some candidate structural materials for components of advanced nuclear reactors
    Phlogopite/matrix, clinopyroxene/matrix and clinopyroxene/phlogopite trace-element partitioning in a calc-alkaline lamprophyre: new constrains from the Křižanovice minette dyke (Bohemian Massif)
    Zoned REE-enriched dravite from a granitic pegmatite in Forshammar, Bergslagen province, Sweden: an EMPA, XRD and LA-ICP-MS Study