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    Vilhelm, J.
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    Accoustic emission analysis after long term strenght reaching of loaded rock samples
    Analysis of acoustic emission from rock samples loaded too long-therm strength limit
    Anisotropní rychlostní model v mělké seismice
    Anizotropie rychlosti P-vln z dat mělké refrakční seismiky
    Anizotropie rychlosti v mělké seismice
    Atmogeochemické pole a jeho vztah ke geofyzikálním a meteorologickým parametrům
    Correlation of field seismic refraction data with 3-D laboratory ultrasonic sounding data during exploration of a dimension stone deposit
    Determination of the anisotropy of elastic waves monitored by a sparse sensor network
    The effect of rock fabric on acoustic emission characteristics
    Evaluation of stress-strain stage of loaded rock samples based on ultrasonic emission analysis
    Geological Structure, Seismic Energy Release and Forecasting of Rockbursts Occurrence
    Influence of Structure and Cracks Distribution on P-wave Velocity anisotropy in rocks - laboratory and field study
    Influence of ultrasonic events space clustering on autocorrelation parameters of their time series
    Korelace variací atmogeochemického pole s meteorologickými daty
    Multi-electrode resistivity method and the geophysical research of medieval archaeological localities
    Shear wave velocities inferred from surface wave dispersion beneath the Pribram array in the Czech Republic
    Ultrasonic emission as a tool for evaluation of rock instability - laboratory study
    Velocity dispersion in fractured rocks in a wide frequency range
    Vztah teploty a tlaku vzduchu k variacím atmogeochemického pole v Léčebných lázních Jáchymov