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    West, A.
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    Evidence for deposition of 10 million tonnes of impact spherules across four continents 12,800 y ago
    The presence of glass microspheres with lechatelierite in sedimentary layers dating to 12,900 yeares ago
    Reply to Boslough et al.: Decades of comet research counter their claims
    Reply to Ives and Froese: Regarding the impact-related Younger Dryas boundary layer at Chobot site, Alberta, Canada
    Reply to van Hoesel et al.: Impact-related Younger Dryas boundary nanodiamonds from The Netherlands
    Skleněné útvary uprostřed možného kráteru v Bolívii, Iturralde; nový druh materiálu svědčící o události impaktu nízkohustotního meteoritu