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    Wilmsen, Markus
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    An inoceramid bivalve tentatively assigned to the group of Inoceramus pictus from the Upper Cenomanian of Egypt (Galala Formation, Wadi Qena, central eastern Desert)
    Die Kreide der Elbtalzone
    Occurrence and significance of Cenomanian belemnites in the lower Danubian Cretaceous Group (Bavaria, southern Germany)
    Sequence stratigraphy of the Elbtal and Danubian Cretaceous groups (Germany) : tentative Cenomanian-Turronian correlations across the Bohemian Massif
    Sequence stratigraphy of the lower Upper Cretaceous Elbtal Group (Cenomanian-Turonian of Saxony, Germany)
    Upper Cenomanian-Lower Turonian ammonoids from the Saxonian Cretaceous (lower Elbtal Group, Saxony, Germany)