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    Analysis of vertical movements detected by radar interferometry in urban areas
    Anwendung des SAR-DGM bei der tektonischen Interpretation des Moldanubikums am Westrand der Böhmischen Masse
    Combining GPS and VLBI measurements of celestial motion of the Earth´s spin axis and universal time
    Erstellung von Höhenmodellen und Bewegungskarten der Erdoberfläche durch Satelliten-Radarinterferometrie
    The hypothesis on the Earth´s expansion in the light of space geodesy results
    Implementation of the Vondrak's smoothing in the combination of results of different space geodesy techniques
    Non-parametric approximation used to analysis of PSInSARtm data of Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
    Quasi-diurnal atmospheric and oceanic excitation of nutation
    Resonant period of free core nutation - its observed changes and excitations
    Stability of period and quality factor of free core nutation
    Study of atmospheric and oceanic excitations in the motion of Earth's spin axis in space
    The use of SAR interferometry for the study of landslips in the Polish Flysh Carpathians