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    zpřesňování struktury
    Ab initio X-ray powder structure determination of parascorodite, Fe(H2O)2AsO4
    The atomic structure and hydrogen bonding of deuterated melanterite, FeSO4.7D2O
    Chemical composition and crystal structure refinement of schorl from the Lundazi pegmatite field, Zambia
    Clinopyroxene from an alkali pyroxenite xenolith, Loučná-Oberwiesenthal Volcanic Centre, Bohemian Massif: crystal chemistry and structure
    The crystal chemistry of the zippeite group
    Crystal structure of CaSeO4 and its relationship to anhydrite
    Crystal structure of natural orthorhombic Ag0,71Pb1,52Bi1,32Sb1,45S6, a lillianite homologue with N = 4; comparison with gustavite
    Crystal structure of owyheeite, Ag1.5Pb4.43Sb6.07S14: refinement from powder synchrotron X-ray diffraction
    The crystal structure of roxbyite, Cu58S32
    Crystal structure of vanadinite: Refinement of anisotropic displacement parameters
    The crystal structures, solid solutions and infrared spectra of copiapite-group minerals
    Duhamelite discredited
    Fluorine-rich hibschite from silicocarbonatite, Afrikanda complex, Russia: crystal chemistry and conditions of crystallization
    Hydrothermal assemblage of Cl-, F- and OH-bearing apatite-group minerals from Maglovec, near Prešov, Slovakia
    Interpretation of selected structures of the bismuthinite - aikinite series as commensurately modulated structures
    Die Kristallstruktur des Minerals Hainit
    Low-temperature Ni-rich löllingite from Háje, Příbram Czech Republic: Rietveld crystal structure refinement
    Mineralogy and chemistry of Fe-rich bentonite from the Lieskovec deposit (Central Slovakia)
    Mn-bearing "oxy-rossmanite" with tetrahedrally coordinated Al and B from Austria: Structure, chemistry, and infrared and optical spectroscopic study
    Natural SnGeS3 from Radvanice near Trutnov (Czech Republic): its description, crystal structure refinement and solid solution with PbGeS3
    Nickelphosphide from the Vicenice octahedrite: Rietveld crystal structure refinement of synthetic analogue
    Octahedral and tetrahedral sheets in micas : A review of refined structures
    Ordering state in orthopyroxene as determined by precession electron diffraction
    Parallel intergrowths in cronstedtite-1T: determination of the degree of disorder
    Refinement of the Crystal Structure of Cronstedtite-1T
    Refinement of the crystal structure of cronstedtite 3T
    Refinement of the structure of "protolithionite" 3T
    Revision of the crystal structure of kettnerite CaBi[OFCO3]
    Rietveld refined of the crystal structure of silica phases from the Barringer Crater in Arizona
    Simultaneous refinement of two components of an exsolution intergrowth: crystal structures of the lindströmite - krupkaite pair
    Slavikite - Revision of chemical composition and crystal structure
    Structural properties of ferromagnesian cordierites
    Synthesis and crystal structure of the feldspathoid CsAlSiO4: An open-framework silicate and potential nuclear waste disposal phase
    Tetraedrit ze Svatého Petra - Rietveldovo zpřesnění krystalové struktury
    Vavřínite, Ni2SbTe2, a new mineral species from Kunratice near Šluknov Cu-Ni-sulfide deposit, Czech Republic
    Zelený dumortierit z okolí Kutné Hory: strukturní a spektroskopická charakteristika
    Zoned REE-enriched dravite from a granitic pegmatite in Forshammar, Bergslagen province, Sweden: an EMPA, XRD and LA-ICP-MS Study