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    The Arenig/Llanvirn boundary (Ordovician) in the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    The basal Silurian Akidograptus ascensus - Parakidograptus acuminatus Biozone in peri-Gondwanan Europe: graptolite assemblages, stratigraphical ranges and palaeobiogeography
    Biostratigraphy of the Klabava and Šárka Formations (Bohemia, Lower Ordovician) - a brief overview of new investigations
    Biostratigraphy of the Lower Ordovician of Bohemia
    Biotic crises and post-crisis recoveries recorded by Silurian planktonic graptolite faunas of the Barrandian area (Czech Republic)
    Calibration of Chitinozoa versus graptolite biozonation in the Wenlock of Builth Wells district (Wales, U.K.), compared with other areas in Avalonia and Baltica
    Comments to Upper Wenlock zonal subdivisions in the Silurian of Central Bohemia
    Composition, age and provenance of gravel-sized clasts from the Upper Carboniferous of the Upper Silesia Coal Basin (Poland)
    Contact metamorphism of Silurian black shales a basalt sill: geological evidence and thermal modelling in the Barrandian Basin
    Dendroid graptolites of the Tetragraptus abbreviatus Biozone (Klabava Formation, Barrandian Ordovician)
    Early Ordovician microfossils (acritarchs, chitinozoans) and graptolites from the Schwarzburg Anticline, Thuringia (Germany)
    Evolution of retiolitid graptolites - a synopsis
    Faunal specificity, endemism and paleobiogeography: the post-glacial (Hirnantian-early Rhuddanian) graptolite fauna of the North-African border of Gondwana: a case study
    Generalized graptolite zonal sequence defining Silurian time intervals for global paleogeographic studies
    Graptolite biostratigraphy of the Lower and Middle Ordovician of Bohemia
    Graptolite biostratigraphy of the Lower Silurian (Llandovery and Wenlock) of Bohemia
    Graptolite biozonation of the Wenlock Series (Silurian) of the Builth Wells district, central Wales
    Graptolites of the Rastrites linnaei Group from the European Llandovery (Lower Silurian)
    Graptolitová fauna zóny Didymograptus clavulus (šárecké souvrství) ordoviku pražské pánve (12-33 Plzeň)
    High-resolution, early Paleozoic (Ordovician-Silurian) time scales
    The Hirnantian graptolites Normalograptus persculptus and "Glyptograptus" bohemicus: stratigraphical consequences of their synonymy
    The Holograptus tardibrachiatur Biozone (Klabava Formation, Ordovician of the Prague Basin)
    Javorian Stage and Bítovian Stage - a Proposal for the Prídolí Series Subdivisions (Silurian, Prague Basin, Bohemia)
    Late Ordovician graptolites from Sardinia: A preliminary record
    Linograptid "interregnum" and its geochemical signature at the S/D boundary in the Bardo Mts. (Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Llandovery-Wenlock boundary beds in the graptolite-rich sequence of the Barrandian area (Bohemia)
    Llandovery-Wenlock Boundary Interval in the Graptolite-rich Sequence of the Barrandia6 Area (Bohemia)
    Lower Silurian Graptolites from Southwestern Sardinia
    Lowermost Silurian graptolites of Montagne Noire, France
    New dendroid graptolites from the Lower Ordovician of Bohemia
    An outline of the East Krkonoše Complex geology
    The P. acuminatus Biozone in the Silurian of Barrancos Region (Ossa Morena Zone, South Portugal)
    Planktoničtí dendroidi - podvratné živly graptolitové taxonomie
    Pristiograptus (Graptoloidea) iz verchnevenlokskich otloženij stran Baltii
    Ražba tunelů silničního obchvatu Prahy mezi Lochkovem a Radotínem - výsledky geologicko-paleontologického výzkumu
    Silicification and microfossils
    Silurian Bio-Events
    Silurian Bivalvia - Evolution, Palaeoecology, Palaeogeography, Importance for Biostratigraphy and Correlation
    Silurian graptolites and chitinozoans from the Uranium Industry boreholes drilled in 1968-1971 (Prague Basin, Bohemia)
    Some new and little known graptolites from the Lower Silurian of Bohemia (Prague Basin, Barrandian Area)
    A taxonomic revision of three mid-Telychian monoclimacids
    Upper Silurian (upper Ludlow) graptolites of the N. inexpectatus and N. kozlowskii biozones from Kosov Quarry near Beroun (Barrandien area, Bohemia)
    Výskyt některých "baltických" graptolitů a společenstva mikrofosilií v oblasti peri-Gondwany (12-33 Plzeň)
    The Wenlock/Ludlow Boundary in the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    Wiwaxia Walcott, 1911 and Dailyatia Bischoff, 1976 in Cambrian of Czech Republic