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    Milankovičova teorie
    Cenomanian-Turonian coastal record in SW Utah, U.S.A.: orbital-scale transgressive-regressive events during oceanic anoxic event II
    Climatic vs. Tectonic Controls on a Shallow-Water Hemipelagic Carbonate System (Turonian of Western Bohemia)
    Co vypovídají uloženiny sokolovské pánve o proměnách klimatu?
    Cyclicity and duration of Lower Devonian stages: Observations from the Barrandian area, Czech Republic
    Lake Baikal climatic record between 310 and 50 ky BP; Interplay between diatoms, watershed weathering and orbital forcing
    Magnetostratigraphy susceptibility of the Přídolian-Lochkovian (Silurian-Devonian) GSSP (Klonk, Czech Republic) and a coeval sequence in Anti-Atlas Morocco
    Milion let jezera
    Permian climate development in the northern peri-Tethys area - The Lodeve basin, French Massif Central, compared in a European and global context
    Phase-lagged amplitude modulation of hemipelagic cycles: A potential tool for recognition and analysis of sea-level change
    Prohnaný trik matky přírody: globálním oteplením do nového glaciálu
    Sequence Stratigraphic Relationships of Rhytmically Bedded Hemipelagic Deposits and Coarse-grained Deltas in an Epicontinental Setting; Example from the Turonian of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Zelená a hnědá Sahara : klima, mýtus svobody a islamizace Evropy