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    N (dusík - 7)
    Agricultural Impacts in the Northern Temperate Zone
    The analysis of the suspended and dissolved load in the Berounka river catchment area
    Atmospheric Deposition in the Krušné hory Mts. Preliminary Results of Throughfall Measurements
    Changes in microbial community status of spruce forest soils during tree die-back
    Confrontation of the consumption of artificial fertilizers with the rise of nitrate concentrations in water resources (a retrospective view)
    Critical loads for acidity in North Bohemia - landscape-ecological consequences and basic planning issues
    Critical loads of acidic emissions and the mobilization of trace metals in terrestrial ecosystems of the Czech Republic
    Groundwater-Quality Monitoring - Effective Method of Hydrogeological System Pollution Prevention
    Input-output budgets measured in a national network of small catchments
    Long-term changes of runoff chemistry in a small catchment affected by forest die-back
    Longitudinal variations in streamwater chemistry: Krušné hory Mts., NW Bohemia
    Možnosti odstraňování amonného dusíku z odpadních vod pomocí zeolitů syntetizovaných z popelů
    Nepriame určenie koncentrácií dusičnanov v tokoch flyšovej oblasti
    Nitrates in waters and soils of a small refuge
    Relationship of Sulphate and Nitrate Concentration and pH of Precipitation
    Stanovení a distribuce stopových obsahů amoniaku v biotitech metamorfovaných hornin desenské skupiny
    Těžké kovy v nivě středního Labe
    Throughfall fluxes in spruce stands damaged by forest die-back
    Utilization of synthetic phillipsite as a means for decreasing the concentration of ammonium ions in waste waters