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    Apertural modifications in the Lower Devonian nautiloid Hercoceras (Cephalopoda, Oncocerida)
    Boionautilus gen. nov. from the Silurian of Europe and North Africa (Nautiloidea, Tarphycerida)
    Carboniferous actinoceratoid Nautiloidea (Cephalopoda) - a new perspective
    Cephalopod Fauna from Hybe member of Koessen Fm. in Choč Nappe (West Carpathians)
    Colour patterns in Early Devonian cephalopods from the Barrandian Area: Taphonomy and taxonomy
    A contribution to the theory of the cameral mantle in some Silurian Nautiloidea (Mollusca, Cephalopoda)
    A further contribution towards the taxonomic revision of Silurian Nautiloid cephalopods erected and/or reported by J. Barrande in the last century in the Barrandian (Central Bohemia)
    A further oncocerid nautiloid from the Upper Silurian of Southwest Sardinia
    Late Cretaceous nautilid beaks from near-shore/shallow water deposits of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic)
    Makrosistema cefalopod : istoričeskij obzor, sovremennoje sostojanije i osnovnyje problemy. 2., Klassifikacija nautiloidnych cefalopod
    Minute Silurian oncocerid nautiloids with unusual colour patterns
    New Silurian nautiloids Phragmoceras Broderip, 1839, and Tubiferoceras Hedström, 1917, from the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    A newly hatched coiled nautiloid from the Permian of Italy
    Palaeoecology and palaeogeographic relations of the Silurian phragmoceratids (Nautiloidea, Cephalopoda) of the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    Palaeozoic low-oxygen, high-latitude carbonates: Silurian and Lower Devonian nautiloid and scyphocrinoid limestones of the Anti-Atlas (Morocco)
    Stratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Cambrian genus Volborthella
    Systematic position and variability of the Devonian nautiloids Hercoceras and Ptenoceras from the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)
    Trocholites Conrad, 1838 (Nautiloidea, Tarphycerida) in the Middle Ordovician of the Prague Basin and its palaeobiogeographical significance
    Variabilita schránek některých silurských a devonských nautiloidů s poznámkami k jejich systematickému zařazení