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    Adsorpční chování lehkých uhlovodíků na uhlí a horninách
    Adsorption of copper and cadmium from aqueous solution by various types of sediments under static and dynamic conditions
    Adsorption of phenol and aniline by original and quaternary ammonium salts-modified montmorillonite
    The adsorption of uranium (VI) by clays
    Adsorption properties of iron riched clays
    Arsenic in contaminated soils and anthropogenic deposits at the Mokrsko, Roudný, and Kašperské Hory gold deposits, Bohemian Massif (CZ)
    Atmosferický transport persistentních organických polutantů vznikajících při spalovacích procesech
    Behavior of arsenic and geochemical modeling of arsenic enrichment in aqueous environments
    The behaviour of nitrogen isotopes in acidified forest soils in the Czech Republic
    Clay minerals - humic acid systems: Cu(II) sorption studied by means of modified electrodes
    Coal as a source of atmospheric methane in the Czech Republic - preliminary results.
    Contrasting chemical response to artificial acidification of five acidsensitive streams
    Diversity of rare earth deposits: the key example of China
    Do NaOH amendments control the chemical and biological production of sulphate in aerated mine lake sediments?
    Does NaOH supplement control sulphate production in aerated mine lake sediment?
    Factors controlling streamwater chemistry changes during hydrological episodes (Jezeří catchment, Krušné hory Mountains, Czech Republic)
    Laboruntersuchungen der Gastrocknung mit Hilfe von Adsorption und Absorption
    Magnetic monitoring of air-, land- and water-pollution
    Mercury contamination of soils in vicinity of historical mining area
    Možnosti a omezení "sorpční atmogeochemie"
    Nadložní jíly SHR jako bariérový a dekontaminační materiál pro kadmium a olovo
    Natural carbonaceous adsorbents, fulvic acids and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - relationships, adsorption and molecular modelling
    Prediction of cesium, strontium, radium and uranium adsorption on a freshwater sediment model
    Removal of heavy metals from waste waters by humic materials
    The role of reactive surface sites and complexation by humic acids in the interaction of clay mineral and iron oxide particles
    Sorption of alkylammonium cations on montmorillonite
    Speciation of Al, Fe, and P in recent sediment of three Maine lakes, USA
    Statická a dynamická sorpce kadmia sedimenty
    Těžké kovy a arzen v plaveninách v profilu Labe-Děčín