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    Agglutinated foraminifers from the Upper Senonian to Paleogene flysch of the Middle Váh valley (Súlov, Javorníky, Biele Kartpaty Mts) Slovakia
    Biometrical studies of Marginotruncana marginata(Reuss) from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czechoslovakia)
    Campanian Grünbach Flora of Grünbach Flora of Lower Austria: preliminary floristics and palaeoclimatology
    The Campanian Grünbach Flora of Lower Austria: palaeoecological interpretations
    Campanian to Maastrichtian palynofacies and dinoflagellate cysts of the Silesian Unit, Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic
    Coccolithen-Stratigraphie der höheren Oberkreide der Bohrung Metelen 1001 (Münsterland, NW-Deutschland)
    Common occurrences of the ecologically restricted nannofossils in the Campanian sediments of the Ždánice Unit and Waschberg Zone, West Carpathians
    Early Campanian Grünbach flora of Austria: systematic composition and palaeoclimatic interpretations
    Hluk - Okluky Brook
    Larger foraminifera from the Late Campanian-Early Maastrichtian of Al Jabal al Akhdar (NE Libya)
    Late Campanian/Late Maastrichtian penetration of high-latitude calcareous nannoflora to the Outer Western Carpathian depositional area
    Litoeventy v české křídové pánvi
    The manner of preservation of the Lower Campanian baculites from locality Temir river (North-West Kazakhstan)
    Nördliche Kalkalpen : bearbeitung ausgewählter Gosauvorkommen nördlich Spital am Pyhrn. Stratigraphie
    Occurrence of Petrarhabdus copulatus (Deflandre) Wind and Wise in the Outer Western Carpathians
    Palaeoclimatic interpretations of the Grünbach Flora (Early Campanian, Lower Austria)
    Palaeontological Dating of the Pre-Campanian Unconformity in the Ghawt Sas Area. 1
    Radějov - Mandát Creek
    The stratigraphical correlation of the Campanian low- and high-latitude calcareous nannofossils in Southern Moravia (Western Carpathians)
    Summary on the flora of the Klikov Formation
    Validation of Araciphyllites austriacus J. Kvaček et Herman (Monocotyledones:Araceae)