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    datování U/Th/Pb
    Accessory minerals as fingerprints for the thermal history and geochronology of the Caledonian Rumburk granite
    Age constraints on the Cadomian evolution of the Teplá Barrandian unit (Bohemian Massif) through electron microprobe dating of metamorphic monazite
    Are the granites of the Aue-Schwarzenberg Zone (Erzgebirge, Germany) a major source for metalliferous ore deposits? A geochemical, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic, and geochronological study
    The Be-Ta-rich granite of Seiffen (eastern Erzgebirge, Germany) : accessory-mineral chemistry, composition, and age of a late-Variscan Li-F granite of A-type affinity
    Chemical composition of radioactive accessory minerals: implications for the evolution, alteration, age, and uranium fertility of the Fichtelgebirge granites (NE Bavaria, Germany)
    Chemistry and mineralogy of orthogneisses in the northeastern part of the Moldanubicum
    CHIME dating of detrital monazites from Namurian Poruba Beds and Stephanian Kwaczala Arkose (Upper Silesia Coal Basin, Poland)
    Clasts of Variscan rocks within the Kořenec and Račice conglomerates (Rhenohercynicum, Bohemian Massif), Th-U-total Pb evidence from an electron microprobe monazite study
    Datování granitu z valounu slepenců magurského flyše Chřibů (24-44 Bučovice)
    Geochronology of the crystalline basement of the Western Outer Carpathians' source areas - constraints from K/Ar dating of mica and Th-U-Pb chemical dating of monazite from the crystalline 'exotic' pebbles
    The History of the Brunovistulicum : Total-Pb Monazite ages from the Metamorphic Complex
    Laser ablation ICP-MS - a new dating tool in Earth science
    Late Cambrian protolith age of the Młynowiec-Stronie Group and the Devono-Carboniferous polyphase metamorphic evolution of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Metamorphic Evolution of the High Himalaya in the Makalu Region - Constraints from P-T Modelling and in-situ Th-U-Pb Monazite Dating
    Možnosti a omezení stanovení absolutního stáří monazitu pomocí elektronové mikrosondy
    Nové geochronologické údaje granitov kryštalinika Malej Fatry
    Nové údaje ze známých i neznámých hornin v okolí Lipnice nad Sázavou : 23-21 Havlíčkův Brod
    Permský magmatický komplex v severnom veporiku: interpretácia z nových datovaní kyslých magmatitov
    Petrology and age of metamorphosed rocks in tectonic slices inside the Palaeozoic sediments of the eastern Mongolian Altay, SW Mongolia
    Petrostrukturní vztahy metamorfovaných a magmatických hornin v oblasti Nové Pece a Trojmezí (Moldanubikum, Šumava)
    Polymetamorphic evolution of pelitic schists and evidence for Permian low-pressure metamorphism in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
    Precise electron microprobe age determination in altered uraninite: consequences on the intrusion age and the metallogenic significance of the Kirchberg granite (Erzgebirge, Germany)
    Present trends and the future of zircon in geochronology: laser ablation ICPMS
    Provenance implications of Th-U-Pb electron microprobe ages from detrital monazite in the Carboniferous Upper Silesia Coal Basin, Poland
    Regional-scale Cretaceous albitization in the Pyrenees: evidence from in situ U-Th-Pb dating of monazite, titanite and zircon
    Resorption, growth, solid state recrystallisation, and annealing of granulite facies zircon - a case study from the Central Erzgebirge, Bohemian Massif
    Stáří granitů melechovského masivu : 23-12 Ledeč nad Sázavou, 23-21 Havlíčkův Brod
    Temporal investigations and retrograde metamorphism of the north-eastern part of the Bohemian Massif
    Typology, chemistry and origin of zircon from alkali basalts of SE Saxony (Germany)
    Výsledky mapování severovýchodní části zábřežského krystalinika (14-41 Šumperk)
    Zircon typology, geochronology and whole rock Sr-Nd isotope systematics of the Mecsek Mountain granitoids in the Tisia Terrane (Hungary)