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    defekt krystalu
    Analytic functions describing line profiles influenced by size distribution, strain and stacking faults
    Classical treatment of line profiles influenced by strain, small size, and stacking faults
    Defect structure and luminiscence behaviour of agate : Results of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and catodoluminiscence (CL) studies
    Effect of stacking disorder on the profile of the powder diffraction line
    Hydrothermal activity in the Karkonosze, Strzegom and Strzelin massifs - a fluid inclusion study
    Introduction to defect and microstructure analysis or the analysis of real structure
    Neobvyklý typ rozpadu allanitu - klíč k datování alterace hornin?
    OH defects in cassiterite
    Radiation-induced defects in apophyllites. I., NH2 free radical in fluorapophyllite