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    Aktuálně a aktualismu
    Animal extinctions in the fossil record : A developmental paradigm
    Biotic crises and post-crisis recoveries recorded by Silurian planktonic graptolite faunas of the Barrandian area (Czech Republic)
    Brachiopod Faunas of the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary Interval in the Mediterranean Tethys
    Cascade of causally linked effects of rapid glaciation-deglaciation events: a possible cause of non-selectivy of mass extinction
    The Case for Sinking Homo erectus. 100 Years of Pithecanthropus is Enough!
    Devonian Trilobites - Evolution and events
    Differentiation, affinities and palaeoenvironmental significance of the megaspores Arcellites and Bohemisporites in Wealden and other Cretaceous successions
    Dinosauři a vymírání
    Diverzita fosilního hmyzu
    An Early Miocene Linden (Tilia) from North Bohemia and its possible relationship
    Evoluce neotenií : z historie našich čolků
    Evolution of Middle and Upper Cretaceous Floras in Central and Western Europe
    Evolutionary significance of floristic changes in the Northern Hemisphere during the Late Cretaceous and Palaeogene, with particular reference to Central Europe
    Function morphology of Alveolitinae and its dependence on the Kellwasser and other events (Tabulata, M. to U. Devonian, Moravia, CSSR)
    Graptolites of the Rastrites linnaei Group from the European Llandovery (Lower Silurian)
    Hierarchie a periodicita ve vývoji Země
    High specialized organisms have ticket to death but some exceptions are allowed
    History of Fagus in Central Europe - an attempt of new interpretation of Fagus evolution
    History of Fagus in Central Europe - an attempt of new interpretation of fagus evolution
    Hodiny biologů a geologů se rozcházejí
    Ichnologie - jiný pohled na živý svět
    Ichnology and its possibilities in the study of crises of biota
    Imago Mundi : Úvahy o geoevoluci
    K výstavě "350 miliónů let lesa"
    The knowledge of the Pleistocene - an assumption for the differentiation of natural regularities and human interventions : Syllabus of a lecture
    Ljudi i okamenelosti
    Marine ecosystems based on chemoautotrophic and methylotrophic bacteria as possible refuge for living fossils
    Migration and extinction of mammals at the turn of Pleistocene and Holocene
    A note of the phylogeny of scyphocrinitid crinoids
    O myškách profesora Burdy, tabu incestu a podobných nočním můrách
    The salamander Brachycormus noachicus from the Oligocene of Europe and the role of neoteny in the evolution of salamanders
    Silurian Bio-Events
    Some remarks from paleobotany and paleontology to adaptation of plants to the stress condition and survival
    Spine asymmetry in chonetoidean brachiopods: an example of reiterated heterochronies linked to intra-Devonian events
    Taxonomic implications and fossilization of tube ultrastructure of some Cenozoic serpulids (Annelida, Polychaeta) from Europe
    Taxonomy, evolution and biostratigraphical importance of the Llandovery graptolite Spirograptus
    Triadobatrachus Revisited
    Trilobites at the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary