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    fáze plynná
    Analýza zemin, kontaminovaných organickými těkavými látkami a její využití v předprojektové přípravě ventingu
    Atmospheric deposition into small drainage basins studied by Geological Survey
    Báňsko-technické podmínky dobývání uhlí na Kladensku
    Comparison of calculated and measured soil-gas radon concetration and radon exhalation rate
    A computer model from estimating the behaviour of soil and air gepas ventilation
    Einfluss seismischer Ereignisse auf die Isotopie von Quellgasen - erste Ergebnisse
    Entgasungsraten, Chemismus und Isotopenchemie der Quellgase des Vogtlandes und Nordböhmens
    Errors of Rn-222 determination at various measurement procedures
    Evaluation of soil-gas radon concentration data - some remarks
    FH-1. Equipment for in-situ permeability measurements
    Field trip guide, April 11, 2007 : stop 1 : mofettes and CO2 emissions at the Hájek/Soos Natural Reserve
    Fluids and earthquake swarms in Western Bohemia region
    Gas Flux and Tectonic Structure in the Western Eger Rift, Karlovy Vary - Oberpfalz and Oberfranken, Bavaria
    Geochemie und Verteilung der Quellgase und tektonische Struktur des Eger-Rifts in der Oberpfalz und in Oberfranken, Bayern
    Grygovský paradox a jeho možná interpretace
    Intercomparison measurements of Rn-222 volume activity in soil air
    Isotopengeochemisches Monitoring - demonstriert am Beispiel von zwei Mineralquellen in Bad Brambach, Vogtland
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben. Second day: Active processes of the western Eger Graben area. stop 8
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben. Second day: Active processes of the western Eger Graben area. Stop 9
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben. Third day: (A) Geodynamic observation of fluid driven earthquake swarms and mantle fluid transport processes in the Nový Kostel epicentral area : stop 12
    Measurement of concentration of isotope 220Rn in soil gas
    Measurement of radon in soil air at reference sites in the Czech Republic 1993-1997
    New experimental results and possibility to use them for estimation of radon emission risk
    Permeability of coal of the Upper Silesian Basin.
    Radon flux from uranium mill tailings in Mydlovary
    Radon risk classification of foundation soils and other radon measurements by private firms
    Relation Between Volatile Components and Loss on Ignition as Applied to the Analysis of USGS Reference Devonian Ohio Shale SDO-1 and Rare Earth Element Analyses
    Revize postupů při plynové chromatografické analýze spontánních plynů a plynů rozpuštěných ve vodách. 1. etapa
    Šíření produktů štěpení a radiolýzy z vyhořelého paliva puklinami žulových masívů v České republice
    Testing of regional radon risk maps reliability
    Theoretical and empirical relations between permeability and porosity
    Variations in the gas composition, the delta13C of methane and the Fe concentration at the Wettinquelle mineral spring, Bad Brambach (Germany) : interaction between earthquake swarm processes, fluids and microbiological activity
    Working Group Report Relations between Scale, Model Approach and Model Parameters