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    flóra - nález fertilní
    The adpression medullosan prepollen-producing organs, their prepollen and cuticles (Westphalian, Intrasudetic Basin, Czech Republic)
    Bayeritheca hughesii gen. et sp. nov., a new Eucommiidites-bearing pollen organ from the Cenomanian of Bohemia
    Budvaricarpus, a new Normapolles producing flower from South Bohemia (Late Cretaceous, Czech Republic)
    Carboniferous and Permian noeggerathialean plants and their spores; preliminary report
    Carboniferous ferns from the Bolsovian, Kladno Formation, Czech Republic
    Carboniferous fertile branch Sporangiostrobus feistmantelii (O.FEISTMANTEL) NĚMEJC and its miospores from the Kladno Basin, Bohemian Massif
    A comparison of pecopterids from several European localities and Canada (Asturian-Stephanian)
    Cretaceous angiosperm flowers: Innovation and evolution in plant reproduction
    Cystosporites and Cappasporites-bearing lycopsid fructifications and their parent plants from the Bohemian coalfields, Czech Republic
    Ferns of the Bohemian Cenomanian and their in situ spores
    Goldenbergites gen. nov. a new genus of bisporangiate herbaceous lycophytes from the Radnice Member (Bolsovian) of the Radnice Basin (Czech Republic)
    In situ spores from Pennsylvanian ferns from Upper Silesian Basin (Czech Republic, Poland)
    Investigation of the Carboniferous miospores in situ in the Kladno Basin
    Neue Untersuchungen zu Araucaria Jussieu aus der europäischen Kreide
    Novelties on Araucaria Juss. (Araucariaceae, Pinopsida) from the European Cretaceous
    Paratingia sp. nov., and Tingia sp. nov. a new noeggerathialean plants and their spores from the Permian of Wuda district, Inner Mongolia, China
    Pollen genus Eucommiidites: ultrastructure and affinities
    A Problematic Plant Fossil from the Cretaceous: Costatheca Hall
    Proposal of the new classification of palaeozoic sphenophyllalean cones
    A reassessment of the taxonomy of Oligocarpia bellii (Late Pennsylvanian, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada)
    Reconstruction of Cordaites borassifolius (Sternberg) Unger (Cordaitales) from the Radnice Basin (Bolsovian, Czech Republic)
    Reproductive organs and anatomical structures of Zeilleria zodrovii sp. nov. from the late Pennsylvanian of the Pilsen Basin, Czech Republic
    Review of monolete-producing Carboniferous-Permian sphenophylls
    Sternbergites gen. nov., a new sub-arborescent isosporous compression lycopsid from the Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic
    Suščestvovali li platany v melovom periode?
    Tenchovia bulgariaensis gen. et sp.nov. from the Pennsylvanian of the Dobrudzha Coalfield, Bulgaria
    Two conifers (Taxodiaceae) of the Bohemian Cenomanian (Czech Republic, Central Europe)
    Two new Carboniferous fertile sphenophylls and their spores from the Czech Republic