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    The crystal structure of Co2P from X-ray powder diffraction data and its mineralogical applications
    Krystalochemie schreibersitu z železného meteoritu Vicenice
    The metal-rich part of the Co-Ni-P system at 800 °C
    Mineralogie železného meteoritu od Vícenic
    Minerály meteoritů
    Nickelphosphide from the Vicenice octahedrite: Rietveld crystal structure refinement of synthetic analogue
    Niklfosfid ze železného meteoritu od Vícenic
    Orientation relationships of carlsbergite in schreibersite and kamasite in the north Chile iron meteorite
    Phosphide solid-solutions within the metal-rich portion of the quaternary system Co-Fe-Ni-P at 800° C, and mineralogical implications
    Solid solutions within the Quaternary system, Co-Fe-Ni-P
    Three polymorphs of Cu5(PO4)2(OH)4 from Lubietová, Czechoslovakia
    Variation of unit-cell dimensions of experimentally synthesized members of Fe3P-Ni3P solid solution