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    Contribution to the mineralogy of acid drainage of Uranium minerals: Marecottite and the zippeite-group
    Late- to post-magmatic extensive alteration of the Fichtelgebirge granite pluton (NW Bohemian massif): evidences from mineral chemistry and stable isotope data
    Liquidus equilibria in the system K2O-Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-F2O-1-H2O to 100 MPa. I, Silicate-fluoride liquid immiscibility in anhydrous systems
    Ore-forming processes and mineral parageneses of the Jáchymov ore district
    Phase Relations among Selenides, Sulfides, Teplurides, and Oxides: II. Applications to Selenide-Bearing Ore Deposits
    Tellurobismutit ze zlatonosného zrudnění od Zlátenky u Pacova
    Transition metals in superheat melts: implications for the composition of core and mantle
    Upper mantle xenoliths from the Pliocene Kozákov volcano (NE Bohemia): P-T-fO2 and geochemical constraints