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    Graphitization of organic matter and fluid-deposited graphite in Palaeoproterozoic (Birimian) black shales of the Kaya-Goren greenstone belt (Burkina Faso, West Africa)
    Illite 'crystallinity', maturation of organic matter and microstructural development associated with lowest-grade metamorphism of Neoproterozoic sediments in the Teplá-Barrandian unit, Czech Republic
    Influence of laminar flow on structural preorientation of coal tar pitch: Raman microspectroscope study
    Microfossils from the graphite phyllites of the NE Bohemian Crystalline Complex
    Nitrogen isotopic evolution of carbonaceous matter during metamorphism : methodology and preliminary results
    Optimization of the graphitization process at AGE-1
    Organic Matter in Ore Deposits: from the Genesis to the Environmental Issue
    Possible effects of tectonic shear strain on phyllosilicates: a case study from the Kandersteg area, Helvetic domain, Central Alps, Switzerland
    Raman spectra of accumulated and dispersed carbonaceous matter of Neoproterozoic age
    Raman spectroscopy of geopolymers and carbons from rocks
    Tin-polymetallic sulfide deposits in the eastern part of the Dachang tin field (South China) and the role of black shales in their origin
    Über Anthraxolite unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Kata-Impsonites von Mítov (Frühes Proterozoikum, Barrandium, Tschechische Republik)
    Vliv disperze organických sloučenin hornin svrchnoproterozoického stáří barrandienského svrchního proterozoika na proces grafitizace
    Výsledky geologického a mikropaleontologického výzkumu metamorfovaných hornin mirovického ostrova