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    Behaviour of zircon in high-grade metamorphic rocks - evidence from Hf isotopes, trace elements and textural studies
    Cirkonij-gafnijevyj indikator frakcionirovanija redkometaľnych granitov
    Cyrkon jako wskaznik genezy lupków z Czarnowa we wschodniej okrywie granitu Karkonoszy
    Extreme P-, Bi-, Nb-, Sc-, U- and F-rich zircon from fractionated perphosphorous granites : the peraluminous Podlesí granite system, Czech Republic
    Low-hafnium zircon from alluvial and colluvial placers in northern Bohemia: composition and possible sources
    Plešovice zircon - A new natural reference material for U-Pb and Hf isotopic microanalysis
    Rapid accretion and differentiation of iron meteorite parent bodies inferred from 182Hf-182W chronometry and thermal modeling
    Studium komplexního využití U-Zr zrudnění severočeské křídy jako možná alternativa budoucnosti
    Subsolidus behaviour of niobian rutile from Věžná, Czech Republic: a model for exsolutions in phases with Fe2+ Fe3+
    Unusual chemistry of zircon from peraluminous granites
    Use of Hf isotopes for tracing metamorphic processes
    Zircon growth in mafic granulites from southern Bohemian Massif: laser ablation ICPMS trace element and Hf isotopic study of metamorphic minerals and zircon
    Zircon Hf isotope perspective on the origin of granitic rocks from eastern Bavaria, SW Bohemian Massif