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    in situ
    A comparison of pecopterids from several European localities and Canada (Asturian-Stephanian)
    Cystosporites and Cappasporites-bearing lycopsid fructifications and their parent plants from the Bohemian coalfields, Czech Republic
    Ferns of the Bohemian Cenomanian and their in situ spores
    History, present and future of Palaeozoic in situ spores studies
    How many ways of Calamospora origin are?
    In situ pollen of Alnus kefersteinii (Goeppert) Unger (Betulales: Betulaceae) from the Oligocene of Bechlejovice, Czech Republic
    The Josef Regional Underground Research Centre (Josef URC)
    Late Variscan stress-field rotation initiating escape tectonics in the south-western Bohemian Massif: a far field response to late-orogenic extension
    A new isoetalean lycopsid Polysporia lugardonii sp. nov. and its spores from the Upper Devonian of Cleveland, Ohio, USA
    A new species of Lepidostrobus from the Early Westphalian of South Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Paratingia sp. nov., and Tingia sp. nov. a new noeggerathialean plants and their spores from the Permian of Wuda district, Inner Mongolia, China
    Phylogeny and relationship of some isoetalean spores from the Devonian to the present
    Pollen genus Eucommiidites: ultrastructure and affinities
    Posouzení bezpečnosti kamenité přehrady Šance pomocí numerických modelů kalibrovaných podle výsledků měření in situ
    Pseudoasterophyllites cretacea - herbaceous magnoliid angiosperm
    Re-examination of the genus Omphalophloios White, 1898 from the Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Review of monolete-producing Carboniferous-Permian sphenophylls
    Sanace podzemní vody kontaminované chlorovanými alifatickými uhlovodíky; pilotní pokus, laboratorní testování
    Stopy po výrobě brusných kotoučů v Klokočských skalách u Turnova
    Tenchovia bulgariaensis gen. et sp.nov. from the Pennsylvanian of the Dobrudzha Coalfield, Bulgaria
    Two new Carboniferous fertile sphenophylls and their spores from the Czech Republic
    Variscan multistage granitoid magmatism in Brunovistulicum: petrological and SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronological evidence from the southern part of the Strzelin Massif, SW Poland