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    iontová výměna
    40 let provozu chemické úpravny uranové rudy v Dolní Rožínce
    Acid deposition
    Agrochemical properties of soil in Zhůří enclave
    Application of the forest-soil-water model (PnET-BGC/CHESS) to the Lysina catchment, Czech Republic
    Atmosférická depozice v okolí Velkolomu Čertovy schody
    Characteristics of H-montmorillonites
    Composition of tourmalines from tin-tungsten-bearing country rock of the Variscan Karkonosze granitoid - a record of the wall rock and hydrothermal fluid interaction
    Contrasting chemical response to artificial acidification of five acidsensitive streams
    Cr-spinely moldanubických ultrabazických hornin
    Diversity of rare earth deposits: the key example of China
    Effect of temperature and exchangeable cation on water diffusion in montmorillonite
    Effects of chemical composition and temperature of heating on the infrared spectra of Li-saturated dioctahedral smectites. I, Mid-infrared region
    Effects of Iron Oxidation State and Organic Cations on Dioctahedral Smectite Hydration
    The effects of S/L ratio on trace element mobilization from bentonite to wine
    Factors controlling streamwater chemistry changes during hydrological episodes (Jezeří catchment, Krušné hory Mountains, Czech Republic)
    Fe3+ ion exchange reactions of clay minerals
    Intercalation of Na-montmorillonite with tetraalkyl-(aryl) ammonium cations
    Ion exchange in natural zeolites : a study on reaction mechanisms
    Ion-Exchange Properties of Czech Oxidized Coals
    Methylene blue interactions with reduced-charge smectites
    Mobility of Pb in Sphagnum-derived peat
    Modified chromatographic separation scheme for Sr and Nd isotope analysis in geological silicate samples
    Modified electrodes: Sorption of Cu (II) on montmorillonite-humic acid system
    Reakční cesta v otevřeném systému kalcit-CO2-H2O
    Recovery from acidification during ten years of the covered catchment experiment at Gardsjön, Sweden, followed by four years after the roof was removed
    Removal of As V, Cr VI, CR VI, and V V from solutions by calcined hydrotalcite and regeneration of used sorbent
    Removal of AsV, CrVI, and VV from solutions by calcined hydrotalcite and regeneration of used sorbent
    Soil clay fraction composition in relation to some soil properties
    Sorption of alkylammonium cations on montmorillonite
    Sorption properties of reduced-charge montmorillonites
    Speciace prvků v kontaminovaných půdách, kalech, říčních a jezerních sedimentech
    Study of ion-exchange on vermiculite by means of carbon paste electrode
    Study of ion exchange on vermiculite by means of carbon paste electrode
    Weathering effects on the agrochemical properties of rocks deposited in coal-mine spoil banks, tips and quarry dumpings
    Weathering of organic matter in tips of coal mines, Plzeň Basin, Czech Republic