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    izotopy H
    Aplikace hydrochemických poznatků při přípravě podzemního zásobníku plynu u Příbrami
    Carbon and hydrogen isotopes in four natural gases from the Slovak and Czech part of the Vienna Basin
    Composition and origin of coalbed gases in the Upper Silesian and Lublin basins, Poland
    The evaluation of runoff components on the slope of the open-pit mine by means of environmental isotopes O-18 and T
    Ferruginous crusts and cements in the northern part of Bohemian Cretaceous Basin: genetic implications from O and H isotopes
    Geochemistry and mineralogy of bentonites from Ishirini (Libya)
    Geochemistry of agates: a trace element and stable isotope study
    Holocenní vápence a krasový pramen ve Svatém Janu pod Skalou v Českém krasu
    Oil waters of SE slopes of the Bohemian Massif
    On the origin of chloride waters in the Polish Flysch Carpathians
    A Record of Oceanic and Continental Stages in Evolution of the Sudetic Ophiolites - New Evidence from Stable Isotope Composition of Silicate Minerals
    Stabilní izotopy v hydrologii povodí Uhlířská
    Three-Component Model of Runoff Generation, Lysina Catchment, Czech Republic