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    izotopy N
    15N variations in forest soil along a N-S European transect - the effect N deposition on soil organic nitrogen
    Behavior of nitrogen and carbon isotopes in an 18-month peat transplant experiment between a polluted and unpolluted wetland
    The behaviour of nitrogen isotopes in acidified forest soils in the Czech Republic
    Biotic and Abiotic Controls Over Ecosystem Cycling of Stable Natural Nitrogen, Carbon and Sulphur Isotopes
    Delta15N as an indicator of N2-fixation by cyanobacterial mats in tropical marshes
    Holocenní vápence a krasový pramen ve Svatém Janu pod Skalou v Českém krasu
    Isotope composition of tree rings of Norway spruce (Bohemian Forest, Central Europe) exposed to atmospheric pollution
    Model reconstruction of nitrate pollution of riverbank filtration using 15N and 18O data, Karany, Czech Republic
    N isotope study of acidified forest soils in the Czech Republic
    Nitrate pollution of a water resource - 15N and 18O study of infiltrated surface water
    Nitrogen isotopic evolution of carbonaceous matter during metamorphism : methodology and preliminary results
    Paleoceanography of the western Central Paratethys during Early Oligocene nannoplankton zone NP23 in the Austrian Molasse Basin
    Reconstruction of nitrate pollution of water resources using 15N and 18O data - case studies
    Similarity between C, N and S stable isotope profiles in European spruce forest soils: implications for the use of delta34S a tracer
    Use of 15N and 18O isotopes to study supply and distribution of nitrate contamination in selected water sources in the Elbe basin
    Vertical trends in delta 13C, delta 15N and delta 34S ratios in bulk Sphagnum peat
    Využití 15N a 18O izotopů při studiu napájení a šíření dusičnanové kontaminace na vybraných vodních zdrojích v povodí Labe
    Die westliche Zentral-Paratethys an der Wende Eozän/Oligozän - Ozeanographie eines Randmeeres und Bildung von Erdölmuttergesteinen
    Zanieczyszczenie wód podziemnych związkami azotowymi na obszarze Pragi - zastosowanie izotopów 15N i 18O