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    izotopy Pb
    200 Years of Pb Deposition throughout the Czech Republic: Patterns and Sources
    Age constraints on faulting and fault reactivation: a multi-chronological approach
    Analiza izotopowa Pb w złożach Zn-Pb oraz żyłowej mineralizacji siarczkowej ze skał paleozoicznych i prekambryjskich jednostki śląsko-morawskiej
    An anomalous atmospheric dust deposition event over Central Europe, 24 March 2007, and fingerprinting of the SE Ukrainian source
    Are the granites of the Aue-Schwarzenberg Zone (Erzgebirge, Germany) a major source for metalliferous ore deposits? A geochemical, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic, and geochronological study
    Compositional zoning of rapakivi feldspars and coexisting quartz phenocrysts
    Datování nejstarších minerálů zirkonu a baddeleyitu z diferencovaných meteoritů - bazaltických achondritů
    Geology and hydrothermal vein system of the Jáchymov (Joachimsthal) ore district
    Holocene reconstruction of lead deposition and vegetation cover as indicators of climate changes in Central Europe
    Hydrothermal uranium-base metal mineralization of the Jánská vein, Březové Hory, Příbram, Czech Republic: lead isotopes and chemical dating of uraninite
    Indications of a major Neolithic trade route? An archaeometric geochemical and Sr, Pb isotope study on amphibolitic raw material from present day Europe
    Integrated environmental impact of heavy metals on soil-water systems as exemplified by the biogeochemical behaviour of lead
    Lead and its isotopic analysis in bark pocket as anthropogenic indicator of atmospheric inputs to landscape
    Lead isotope ratios in tree bark pockets: An indicator of past air pollution in the Czech Republic
    Lead isotopes as a tool for tracing the contamination in soils and stream sediments affected by mining and smelting industry
    Lead isotopes radionuclides in the river Elbe, east Germany and Czech Republik
    LREE distribution patterns in zoned alkali feldspar megacrysts from the Karkonosze pluton, Bohemian Massif - implications for parental magma composition
    Die mittelalterliche Silberproduction in Mitteleuropa mit Hinweisen aus der Isotope von Bleigläsern
    Mobility of Pb in Sphagnum-derived peat
    Origin of Lead in Eight Central European Peat Bogs Determined from Isotope Rations, Strengths, and Operation Times of Regional Pollution Sources
    Oxidation-hydration weathering of uraninite: the current state-of-knowledge
    Palynologický výzkum rašelinišť a jezer pro účely geologického mapování
    Pb -isotope study of selected European Sb-mineralizations
    Plumbotectonic aspects of polymetallic vein mineralization in Paleozoic sediments and Proterozoic basement of Moravia (Czech Republic)
    Radioaktivní prvky a izotopy olova v sekundární mineralizaci Jánské žíly, Březové Hory, Příbram, ČR
    The Rammelsberg massive sulphide Cu-Zn-Pb-Ba-Deposit, Germany: an example of sediment-hosted, massive sulphide mineralisation
    Resorption, growth, solid state recrystallisation, and annealing of granulite facies zircon - a case study from the Central Erzgebirge, Bohemian Massif
    Rudní indicie od Klepáčova (obec Sobotín), Hrubý Jeseník
    Siderite mineralization of the Gemericum superunit (Western Carpathians, Slovakia): review and a revised genetic model
    Sources of lead pollution in Central Europe over the past 200 years
    Sparkling mineral water at western rim of the Doupovské hory Mountains (Czech Republic): genesis by water-rock interaction and deep-seated CO2
    Sulfur metabolism in polluted Sphagnum peat bogs: a combined 34S-35S-210Pb study
    Sulfur mobility in peat
    Terrane transfer between eastern Laurentia and northwestern Gondwana: the place of the Teplá-Barrandian, Bohemian Massif
    The use of S, Pb and Fe isotopes to study the dynamics of groundwater movement in the vicinity of a toxic industrial waste repository on granitic bedrock
    Using sulfur and lead isotope ratios to trace the movement of a groundwater contamination plume: Toxic waste repository Pozdatky, Czech Republic
    Variation of magma generation and mantle sources during continental rifting observed in Cenozoic lavas from the Eger Rift, Central Europe
    Variation of mantle sources and magma generation in Tertiary to Quaternary lavas from the Eger Rift
    Vertical trends in delta 13C, delta 15N and delta 34S ratios in bulk Sphagnum peat
    Zlaté Hory ve Slezsku - největší rudní revír v Jeseníkách. Část 2., C. Geologie D. Mineralogie E. Geochemie stabilních izotopů
    Zrudnění štoly "Emil" u Starého Rejvízu, Hrubý Jeseník