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    Description of the early ontogenic part of the Tentaculitids, with implications for classification
    Discovery of a larval shell in Middle Paleozoic subulitoidean gastropods with description of two new species from the Early Devonian of Bohemia
    Early Tithonian serpulid-dominated cavity-dwelling fauna, and the recruitment pattern of the serpulid larvae
    The fossil larval fish Prorhodeus unionis Frič, 1900 from the nonmarine Cenomanian of Bohemia is inorganic
    Innovations in gastropod ontogeny and larval strategy during the Ordovician radiation
    Larval development in Oligocene palaeobatrachid frogs
    On the occurrence of Spinidelphinulopsis whaleni (Gastropoda) in the Late Triassic (early Norian) Cornwallis Limestone, Kuiu Island, southeastern Alaska (Alexander terrane) and its paleobiogeographic significance
    Patterns of larval development in Cretaceous pipid frogs
    Původ larvální planktotrofie v třídě Gastropoda a biogeochemická evoluce paleozoických oceánů
    Remarks on palaeobiology oj juvenile scyphocrinitids and marhoumacrinids (Crinoidea, Camerata) in the Bohemian uppermost Silurian and lowermost Devonian
    Unsuccessful predation on Middle Paleozoic plankton: Shell injury and anomalies in Devonian dacryoconarid tentaculites