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    Additions and revisions to the Early Miocene flora of Lipovany (Southern Slovakia)
    Aquatic Angiosperms of the Early Miocene Most Formation of North Bohemia (Central Europe)
    The aquatic plants Salvinia (Salviniales) and Limnobiophyllum (Arales) from the Late Miocene flora of Sosnica (Poland)
    Bennettitalean and coniferalean (?) leaves from the Cretaceous (Cenomanian) of the Bohemian Massif, Central Europe
    Bericht 2007 über paläobotanische Untersuchungen in der Gosau des Tiefengrabens auf Blatt 95 St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut
    Bericht 2007 über paläobotanische Untersuchungen in der Gosau des Tiefengrabens auf Blatt 95 St.Wolfgang im Salzkammergut
    Bericht 2008 über paläobotanische Untersuchungen in der Gosau-Gruppe des Kohlbachgrabens nördlich von St.Gilgen auf Blatt 65 Mondsee
    Biomarkers from the Taxodiaceous conifer Sphenolepis pecinovensis Kvaček and resin from Bohemian Cenomanian
    Calocedrus robustior (Cupressaceae) and Taxus schornii (Taxaceae): two new conifers from the middle Miocene Latah Formation of northern Idaho
    Campanian Grünbach Flora of Grünbach Flora of Lower Austria: preliminary floristics and palaeoclimatology
    The Campanian Grünbach Flora of Lower Austria: palaeoecological interpretations
    Cenozoic paleotemperatures and leaf physiognomy - A European perspective
    CLAMP and CA proxy data from the Lower Miocene of North Bohemia
    Climatic oscillations versus environmental changes in the interpretation of Tertiary plant assemblages
    Credneria bohemica VELENOVSKÝ - eine altertümliche Platane
    Cuticles of Cordaites from the Westphalian, Stephanian and Autunian of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic) (a preliminary study)
    Cuticular examination of the new Pliocene flora from Gérce, Hungary
    Diagenesis effects on specific carbon isotope composition of plant n-alkanes
    Důl Svornost v Ohníči u Bíliny a zdejší miocenní flóra
    Early Campanian Grünbach flora of Austria: systematic composition and palaeoclimatic interpretations
    Early Miocene conifer macrofossils from the Most Basin (Czech Republic)
    Early Miocene records of Craigia (Malvaceae s.l.) in the Most Basin, North Bohemia - whole plant approach
    Entropy production on productive and non-productive surfaces
    The Eocene and Early Oligocene floras of the Russian Plain and their relation to the palaeofloras of Central Europe
    Eocene vegetation patterns reconstructed from plant diversity - A global perspective
    Eostangeria ruziciniana (Zamiaceae) from the Middle Miocene of Bulgaria and its relationship to similar taxa of fossil Eostangeria, and extant Chigua and Stangeria (Cycadales).
    Evidence of plant-arthropod interactions from the Lower Miocene of the Bílina Mine in northern Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Exotische Buchen-Gewächse aus dem Oligozän von Offenbach
    Ferns of the Bohemian Cenomanian and their in situ spores
    Fire-prone plant communities and palaeoclimate of a Late Cretaceous fluvial to estuarine environment, Pecínov quarry, Czech Republic
    First records of Dammarites albens Presl in Sternberg (Pinopsida?) from the Cretaceous of Austria
    Flora and vegetation of the roof of the main lignite seam in the Bílina Mine (Most Basin, Lower Miocene)
    Flóra starosedelského souvrství a její vztah k eocenním a oligocenním flórám v jižní části NDR
    Die Flora von Bechlejovice bei Děčín : eine oligozäne vulkanische Flora und ihre Stellung im Florenkomplex Haselbach-Valeč sensu Kvaček & Walther 2001
    Foliage and seeds of malvalean plants from the Eocene of Europe
    Foliage of a broad leaved conifer Dammarophyllum from the Cenomanian of Bohemia
    Fortopteris radnicensis (Němejc) Boersma, comb. nov. from the Upper Carboniferous of Czech Republic
    Fossil fruits of Reevesia (Malvaceae, subfam. Helicteroideae) and associated plant organs (seeds, foliage) from the Lower Miocene of North Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Fossil wood and foliage of Castanea (Fagaceae) from the Upper Oligocene of northern Bohemia
    A fresh look at the rich assemblage from the Pliocene sink-hole of Willershausen, Germany
    The integrated plant record (IPR) to reconstruct Neogene vegetation - the IPR-vegetation analysis
    Isotope reconstruction of plant palaeoecology. Case study of Cenomanian floras from Bohemia
    Isotopic fractionation of water in plant leaves - a clue for the role of terrestrial vegetation in the global carbon cycle
    Kapradiny českého cenomanu a jejich spory in situ : předběžná zpráva
    Leaves and Cuticles of the Genus Lesleya Lesquereux from the Czech Republic and from Illinois (U.S.A.)
    Magnolien in den paläogenen Blattfloren Mitteleuropas
    The Middle Eocene flora of Csordakút (N Hungary)
    The Miocene flora of Parschlug (Styria, Austria) - revision and synthesis
    Morphological features of Protolepidodendron scharianum Krejčí (1880) ex Kräusel et Weyland, 1929 from the Givetian of the Czech Republic
    Nález monocotyledonních rostliných zbytků v pískovně "U ručiček", Český kras
    Neue oder wenig bekannte Pflanzenarten aus den Perucer Schichten (Cenoman) der Böhmischen Masse
    Neue oder wenig bekannte Pflanzenarten aus der Perucer Schichten (Cenoman) der Böhmischen Masse
    New classification of the genus Cordaites from the Carboniferous and Permian of the Bohemian Massif, based on cuticle micromorphology
    New cycad foliage of Pseudoctenis babinensis from the Bohemian Cenomanian
    New European records and first evidence of epidermal structures of Sloanea L. from the Italian Oligocene - revised type and original material of Principi 1916
    New fossil floras from Neogene deposits in the Bełchatów Lignite Mine
    New fossil leaves of Araceae from the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene of western North America
    New plant elements in the Tard Clay Formation from Eger-Kiseged
    Nomenclatural types and taxonomy of Unger's (1850) and Ettingshausen's (1853) fossil leaves recognized as new Sloanea records in the European Paleogene
    A noteworthy cycad, Ceratozamia hofmannii Ettingshausen 1887, from the Lower Miocene of Austria re-examined
    Obermiozäne (Pannone) Floren aus der Molassezone Österreichs : Ihre Beziehungen zum Wiener Becken, weiteren Pannonischen Raum und nördlichen Mediterran
    Oligocene flora of Bechlejovice at Děčín from the neovolcanic area of the České středohoří Mountains, Czech Republic
    An Oligocene leaf assemblage from Csolnok, Dorog Basin, N Hungary
    Oligocene-Miocene CO2 fluctuations, climatic and palaeofloristic trends inferred from fossil plant assemblages in central Europe
    The Oligocene volcanic flora of Kunratice near Litoměřice, České středohoří Volcanic Complex (Czech Republic) - a review
    Overview of the Early Miocene conifer macrofossils from the Most Basin, Czech Republic
    Palaeobotanical research of the Early Miocene deposits overlying the main coal seam (Libkovice and Lom Members) in the Most Basin (Czech Republic)
    Palaeoclimate analysis of the flora of the Klikov Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Czech Republic
    Palaeoclimatic interpretations of the Grünbach Flora (Early Campanian, Lower Austria)
    Paratingia sp. nov., and Tingia sp. nov. a new noeggerathialean plants and their spores from the Permian of Wuda district, Inner Mongolia, China
    Plant-Arthropod associations from the Lower Miocene of the Most Basin in Northern Bohemia (Czech Republic): a preliminary report
    Plant assemblages from the hanging wall sequence of the opencast mine Oberdorf N Voitsberg, Styria (Austria, Early Miocene, Ottnangian)
    Platanoid staminate inflorescence and its associated foliage from the Bohemian Cenomanian (Czech Republic)
    Pseudoasterophyllites cretacea - herbaceous magnoliid angiosperm
    Reconstruction of Cordaites borassifolius (Sternberg) Unger (Cordaitales) from the Radnice Basin (Bolsovian, Czech Republic)
    Rekonstrukce primitivní křídové angiospermy Myricanthium a její systematická příslušnost
    Report on ferns of the Bohemian Cenomanian and their spores in situ
    Report on revision of macrofloral record from the late Palaeozoic continental basins of central and western Bohemia and from the intra Sudetic basin
    Representatives of the genus Nilsonia Brongniart from the Cenomanian of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic, Central Europe)
    Revision of Early Miocene plants preserved in baked rocks in the North Bohemian Tertiary
    Revision of platanoid foliage from the Cretaceous of the Czech Republic
    Revision of Potamogeton fossils from the Most Basin and their palaeoecological significance (Early Miocene, Czech Republic)
    Revision of the coniferous macrofossils from the Lower Miocene of the Most Basin
    Revisions to the Early Oligocene flora of Flörsheim (Mainz Basin, Germany) based on epidermal anatomy
    Die Rotliegendflora des Thüringer Waldes. Teil 4, Farnsamer und Farnlaub unbekannter taxonomischer Stellung
    Sloanea (Elaeocarpaceae) fruits and foliage from the Early Oligocene of Hungary and Slovenia
    Současné nálezy flóry a fauny na některých méně známých a nových paleontologických likalitách terciéru ve východní části Českého středohoří
    Spectral analysis of coniferous foliage and possible links to soil chemistry: Are spectral chlorophyll indices related to forest floor dissolved organic C and N?
    Spectral analysis of coniferous foliage and possible links to soil chemistry: can remote sensing of foliage predict variation in soil C and N chemistry?
    Summary on the flora of the Klikov Formation
    Suščestvovali li platany v melovom periode?
    The systematic and palaeoecological value of foliage anatomy in Late Palaeozoic medullosalean seed-plants
    Die Teriärflora von Hammerunterwiesenthal (Freistaat Sachsen)
    Die Tertiärflora von Kleinsaubernitz bei Bautzen
    Tertiary flora and vegetation of the locality Záhoří near Žatec (Most Basin, Czech Republic)
    Tertiary plants of the Plzeň Basin (West Bohemia)
    Tertiary vegetation of Europe and its dynamics and climatic signal - new approaches in botany of the past
    Tracing shifts in dispersal syndromes: fruit ecology in modern vegetation and Paleogene/Neogene plant assemblages
    The Upper Westphalian flora of the Bohemian Massif (pteridosperms, cordaites and extrabasinal elements)
    Vegetational characteristics in Europe around the late Early to early Middle Miocene based on the plant macro record
    Volcanic floras in the Palaeogene of Central Europe
    Zpráva o paleontologických sběrech z miocénních odkryvů v Kobeřicích u Opavy (svrchní baden)