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    mapa radiometrická
    The Behaviour of Radon in the Underground of the Radioactive Waste Repository of Richard; Remedial Measures to Reduce Doses to Workers
    Brief outline of a research project dealing with radon risk classification of foundation soils
    Comparison of detailed in situ assessment of radon risk and classification based on radon risk maps
    Continual Rn Measurements in caves: Advantage and Disadvantages
    Cross-border radon index map 1 : 100 000 Lausitz - Karkonosze - Jizera region (northern part of the Bohemian massif)
    Efficiency and side effects of sub-slab depressurization systems
    Geological bedrock of the Czech Republic - the source of radon problems
    The GIS analysis of indoor radon and soil gas radon in major rock types of the Czech Republic
    Theinfluence of geological bedrock on the soil gas and indoor radon concentrations measured on Quaternary sediments - first statistical approach
    Influence of the climatic factors on radon activity concentration in the rocks of the city Brno area - testing
    Measurement of radon exhalation rate from the ground surface: can the parameter be used for determination of radon potential of soils?
    Possible ways to Radon Map of Europe - from input data to result
    Radioactivity of rocks of the Bohemian Massif
    Radioaktivita přírodního prostředí v oblastech Budišov a Krucemburk - extrémy v České republice : (23-22 Žďár nad Sázavou, 23-42 Třebíč, 24-31 Velké Meziříčí)
    Radon in soil gas - investigation and data standardization at radon reference sites, Czech Republic
    Radon Programme in the Czech Republic - experience and further research
    Radon reference sites in the Czech Republic
    Radonový index geologického podloží a jeho vliv na strategii vyhledávání rizikových objektů v České republice
    Research of Radon occurrence in new houses in dependence on the soil radon index
    Standardizace radiometrické mapy České republiky 1:500 000
    Žďárské vrchy and Strážek Moldanubian Unit in new geophysical maps