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    metamorfóza vysokotlaká
    The 40Ar/39Ar ages from the West Sudetes (NE Bohemian Massif): constraints on the Variscan polyphase tectonothermal development
    Bohemian leucogranulites and HP/HT anatexis
    The Bohemian Massif and the NW Himalaya
    The causal link between HP-HT metamorphism and ultrapotassic magmatism in collisional orogens: case study from the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif
    Challenges in high-pressure granulite metamorphism in the era of pseudosections: reaction textures, compositional zoning and tectonic interpretation with examples from the Bohemian Massif
    Common high-pressure metamorphic history of eclogite lenses and surrounding metasediments: a case study of calc-silicate reaction zones (Erzgebirge, Germany)
    Constriction due to subduction: evidence for slab pull in the Mariánské Lázně complex (central European Variscides)
    Crustal dynamics of the Erzgebirge Dome (Saxony/Germany): Constraints for the exhumation of high pressure rocks from the root zone of the Variscan collisional orogen
    Crystalline Rock Clasts from the Visean Conglomerates - the Missing Link in the Evolution of the Moldanubian Zone?
    Determination of SiO2 Raman spectrum indicating the transformation from coesite to quartz in Gföhl migmatitic gneisses in the Moldanubian Zone, Czech Republic
    The Determination of the PT Conditions during Transition from Steep Syn-Extrusional Fabrics to Horizontal: NE Snieznik Domain
    Early metamorphic evolution and exhumation of felsic high-pressure granulites from the north-western Bohemian Massif
    The early tectonometamorphic evolution of the southern zone of Erbendorf-Vohenstrauss (ZEV, NW-Bohemian Massif, Bavaria) inferred from geochemical, radiometric, petrologic and structural characteristics
    Eclogitic micaschists in the central part of the Krušné hory Mountains (Bohemian Massif)
    Evidence for High Exhumation Rate in Central European Variscides: U-Pb Ages of Granulite Metamorphism of Clasts Deposited in Upper Visean conglomerates
    Evidence of UHP metamorphism in the inner part of the European Variscides (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    Evidence of ultra high pressure conditions in eclogites from the Moldanubian zone, Bohemian Massif
    Evidence of VHP metamorphism in the inner part of the European Variscides (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    Evolution and geotectonic significance of high-pressure metarodingites in the Erzgebirge; Germany
    Exhumation and metamorphism of an ultrahigh-grade terrane: geochronometric investigations of the Sudete Mountains (Bohemia), Poland and Czech Republic
    Exhumation of high-grade rocks in the Saxo-Thuringian Belt: geological constraints and geodynamic concepts
    Exhumation of HP rocks in the Saxothuringian belt : Sedimentary and tectonic record
    Exhumierung von HP-Gesteinen durch Kontinent-Kollision: Ein variszisches Szenario im westlichen Erzgebirge
    Experimental constraints of the formation of high-P/high-T granulites in the Southern Bohemian Massif
    Experimental constraints on the formation of high-P/high-T granulites in the Southern Bohemian Massif
    Fluid influence on mineral reactions in ultrahigh-pressure granulites: a case study in the Snieznik Mts. (West Sudetes, Poland)
    Formation and destabilization of the high pressure assemblage garnet-phengite-paragonite (Krušné hory Mountains, Bohemian Massif): The significance of the Tschermak substitution in the metamorphism of pelitic rocks
    Formation and Evolution of High-Pressure Leucogranulites: Experimental Constrains and Unresolved Issues
    Formation and evolution of HP leucogranulites : Experimental constrains and unresolved issues
    Garnet-bearing ultramafic rocks from the Erzgebirge, and their relation to other settings in the Bohemian Massif
    Garnet zoning and reaction textures in overprinted eclogites, Bohemian Massif, European Variscides: A record to their thermal history during exhumation
    A general model for the intrusion and evolution of "mantle" garnet peridotites in high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure metamorphic terranes
    Geochemical signatures of Variscan eclogites from the Saxonian Erzgebirge, central Europe
    Geothermometry of the ultrahigh-temperature Saxon granulites revisited. Part 1., New evidence from key mineral assemblages and reaction textures
    Granulity Českého masivu: jak, z čeho a kdy vznikly?
    High- to ultra-high pressure partial melting in orogenic belts: Implications for the formation of felsic granulites from the Bohemian Massif
    High pressure and low temperature metamorphism along the north-eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
    High pressure garnetiferous micaschists in the central part of the Krušné hory Mts. - an evidence for fast exhumation of the western margin of the Bohemian Massif
    High-pressure granulites: formation, recovery of peak conditions and implications for tectonics
    High-pressure granulites of the Bohemian Massif: recent advances and open questions
    The high-pressure granulites of the Zlote unit: Sm-Nd and single grain U-Pb zircon ages from the Rychleby Mts.
    Inverse rheological behaviour of marbles and quartzites resulting from superposed HT/LP extension on Barrovian compressional fabric
    K-rich Magmatism in the Moldanubian Unit, Bohemian Massif - a Complex Story Featuring Variably Enriched Lithospheric Mantle Melts and their Interaction with the Crust
    Kornerupine parageneses in whiteschists and other magnesian rocks: is kornerupine + talc a high-pressure assemblage equivalent to tourmaline + ortoamphibole?
    Krušnohorské bílé svory (relikty vysokotlakých metasedimentů), jejich specifická mineralogie a petrologie jako ideální kontrolní faktor pro průmyslové využití
    A Low-Variance Mineral Assemblage with Talc and Phengite in an Eclogite from the Saxonian Erzgebirge, Central Europe, and its P-T evolution
    A Mechanism for Syn-Convergent Exhumation of HP Granulites in the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic: Geochronological, Structural and Petrological Constraints
    Melting in high-P region - case of Bohemian granulites
    Melting relations of Natural Garnet Pyroxenite and Eclogite at High Pressures
    Metamorphic formation of Sr-apatite and Sr-bearing monazite in a high pressure rock from the Bohemian Massif
    Metamorphic PT conditions estimated for eclogite and garnet peridotite from Spačice and Uhrov localities, Bohemian Massif
    Mineral controls on the trace element and REE geochemistry of high-pressure leucogranulites from the Bohemian Massif
    Moldanubian granulites
    Moravské moldanubikum a třebíčský a jihlavský masiv
    Multicomponent diffusion modeling of garnet: a tool to estimate burial and exhumation rate of metamorphic complexes
    Nekotoryje vysokobarnyje metamorfičeskije kompleksy Zapadnych Sudet, Pol'ša. I., Petrografija i chimija mineralov
    Neoproterozoic High-Grade Transpression in the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia)
    New geochemical and geochronological data on the very-high-pressure garnetite from the Podolsko Complex, Moldanubian Zone, Bohemian Massif
    Nový typ hyperdraselného granulitu v granulitovém masivu Blanského lesa (32-21 Prachatice)
    Outline of the crustal evolution at the north-western margin of the Bohemian massif with particular reference to the high-pressure metamorphism
    Overview of the geology and Tectonics of UHPM
    Paläozoische Hochdruck- und Ultrahochdruck-Metamorphite in Mitteleuropa und ihre Beziehungen zur variszischen Orogenese
    Petrology and geochemistry of the Běstvina granulite body metamorphosed at eclogite facies conditions, Bohemian Massif
    Phase diagrams for peridotites and pyroxenites, with implications to garnet-bearing ultramafic rocks from the Bohemian Massif
    Pressure-Temperature and Fluid Evolution of Quartzo-Feldspathic Metamorphic Rocks with a Relic High-Pressure, Granulite-Facies History from the Central Erzgebirge (Saxony, Germany)
    The problem of garnet composition in eclogite-bearing gneisses from the Śnieżnik Metamorphic Complex (Western Sudetes)
    Prograde eclogite in the Gföhl Nappe, Czech Republic: new evidence on Variscan high-pressure metamorphism
    Rapid exhumation of medium to high-pressure metamorphic rocks at the saxothuringian-Moldanubian boundary : Evidence from detrial white micas in Saxothuringian synorogenic sediments (E-Variscides, Germany)
    REE zoning in garnet and leucogranulite formations
    Relationships of eclogites and garnet peridotite with felsic granulite in the Bohemian Massif
    The Saxonian Granulite Massif (Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Bohemian Massif): Indications for the crustal evolution of the Central European Variscides from U-Pb-LA-SF-ICP-MS zircon ages
    Sm-Nd and U-Pb dating of high-pressure granulites from the Złote and Rychleby Mts (Bohemian Massif, Poland and Czech Republic)
    Sm-Nd isotope tracer study of UHP metamorphic rocks : implications for continental subduction and collisional tectonics
    The Spačice eclogite revisited
    The Sudetes as a Palaeozoic orogen in central Europe
    A tale of two orogens: the contrasting T-P-t history and geochemical evolution of mantle in high- and ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic terranes of the Norwegian Caledonides and the Czech Variscides
    Thermische Modellierung schneller Extrusion von Hochdruckgesteinen aus der variszischen Gebirgswurzel im Erzgebirge
    Thermochronology of the west Sudetes (Bohemian Massif): Rapid and repeated eduction in the eastern Variscides, Poland and Czech Republic
    Three metamorphic monazite generations in a high-pressure rock from the Bohemian Massif and the potentially important role of apatite in stimulating polyphase monazite growth along a PT loop
    Timing of ultra-high pressure metamorphism in the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, West Sudetes
    Ultra-high-pressure grossular-rich garnetite from the Moldanubian Zone: calc-silicate rock with sub-lithospheric metamorphic imprint
    An ultra-high-pressure metamorphic condition and isothermal decompression path obtained from a garnet-pyroxenite in the Horní Bory granulite of the Bohemian Massif
    Ultrahigh-pressure grossular-rich garnetite from the Moldanubian Zone, Czech Republic
    Very high-pressure (more then 4 GPa) eclogite associated with the Moldanubian Zone garnet peridotite (Nové Dvory, Czech Republic)
    A vestige of very high-pressure (ca 28 kbar) metamorphism in the Variscan Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic