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    metoda elektromagnetická
    Anomalous Induction across Europe
    Application of the 2-D resistivity tomography, electromagnetic profiling method and soil thermometry for a remedy of the existing road endangered by the slope instability, shallow caves and other inhomogenities in the karst area
    Application of the method of indicating electromagnetic emission of rock mass in the conditions of the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field
    Contribution of the MTS to the Study of Lithosphere in Central Europe
    Deep seated electrical high conductivity zones imaging lithosphere deformation in Western Bohemia
    Deep seated magnetotelluric conductivity anomalies and their reflection lithosphere deformation along geotraverse in Western Bohemia
    Detection of horizontal sheets by electromagnetic conductometers
    Electrical and seismic estimates of the depth to the LAB
    Geotectonic and structural phenomena in Western Bohemia and their manifestation in electrical conductivity data
    Investigation of lateral and vertical variations of the electrical conductivity by magnetotelluric sounding in Western Bohemia near the KTB drilling site
    Magnetotelluric Models of Inhomogenity Zones
    Magnetotelluric research in Western Bohemia in 1992
    Využití vysokointenzitního elektromagnetického obvodu pro separaci minerálů
    Wglebna budowa geologiczna Karpat w šwietle kompleksowej analizy teledetekcyjno-geofizycznej