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    mikroskopie skanovací
    Age and emplacement of late-Variscan granites of the western Bohemian Massif with main focus on the Hauzenberg granitoids (European Variscides, Germany)
    Ash characteristic in co-combustion of coal with wood residue, sewage sludge and municipal waste
    The Brunovistulicum: assumptions and data
    Budvaricarpus, a new Normapolles producing flower from South Bohemia (Late Cretaceous, Czech Republic)
    Compositional data for Bi-Pb tellurosulfides
    Diffusion-controlled development of silica-undersaturated domains in felsic granulites of the Bohemian Massif (Variscan belt of Central Europe)
    Effect of cyanobacterial growth on biotite surfaces under laboratory nutrient-limited conditions
    Eurytholia plates (Problematica) from the late Silurian of the Austrian Carnic Alps
    Fracture behaviour of the basalt fibre reinforced composites with polysiloxane-derived matrix
    Historia zlodowacenia doliny Łomnicy w Karkonoszach w zapisie mikromorfologii powierzchni ziarn kwarcu
    Hyperpotassic granulites from the Blanský les Massif (Moldanubian Zone, Bohemian Massif) revisited
    Identification of magnetic minerals by scanning electron microscope and application of ferrofluid
    The illitization of dickite: chemical and structural evolution of illite from diagenetic to metamorphic conditions
    Iron-bacterial mediation in Phanerozoic red limestones: State of the art
    Isolated ossicles of the family Eospondylidae Spencer et Wright, 1966, in the Lower Devonian of Bohemia (Czech Republic) and correlation of the systematic position of eospondylid brittlestars (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Oegophiurida)
    Manitouscolex, a new palaeoscolecidan genus from the Lower Ordovician of Colorado
    Middle Cambrian pterobranchs and the Question: What is a graptolite?
    Mikroflóra mäkkého sintra zo slovenských jaskýň
    Molecular structure of the uranyl mineral zippeite - An XRD, SEM and Raman spectroscopic study
    New investigations on the salt weathering of Cretaceous sandstones, Czech Republic
    Origin of monazite-xenotime-zircon-fluorapatite assemblages in the peraluminous Melechov granite massif, Czech Republic
    Pb/Pb and U/Pb zircon dating of subvolcanic rhyolite as a time marker for Hercynian granite magmatism and Sn mineralisation in the Eibenstock granite, Erzgebirge, Germany: Considering effects of zircon alteration
    Permo-Carboniferous subvolcanic rhyolitic dikes in the western Erzgebirge/Vogtlandt, Germany: a record of source heterogeneity of post-collisional felsic magmatism
    Phyllosilicate preferred orientation as a control of magnetic fabric: evidence from neutron texture goniometry and low and high-field magnetic anisotropy (SE Rhenohercynian Zone of Bohemian Massif)
    Proterozoic acritarchs from the Precambrian-Cambrian transition in southern Moravia (Měnín-1 borehole, Czech Republic)
    Siliceous microfossils from the Oligocene tripoli-deposit of Seifhennersdorf
    Silver and/or copper vermiculites and their antibacterial effect
    Some monocot pollen taxa from the Lower Miocene basal coaly deposits of the Czech and Polish parts of the Żytawa (Zittau) Basin
    Stáří kupy netopýřího guána v jeskyni Domica (NP Slovenský kras) a elektronová mikroskopie exkrementů netopýrů
    Studie zirkonu z alkalického syenitu od Naloučan, moldanubikum
    Supergene uranium mineralization from Horní Halže near Měděnec (Krušné hory Mountains), Czech Republic
    Taphonomy and palaeoecology of a Late Ordovician caryocaridid from the Soom Shale Lagerstätte, South Africa
    Tenchovia bulgariaensis gen. et sp.nov. from the Pennsylvanian of the Dobrudzha Coalfield, Bulgaria
    Váté písky na území města Brna : 24-32 Brno
    Why is 'red marble' red?
    Widespread occurrence of microscopic pores in conulariids
    An XRD, SEM and TG study of a uranopilite from Australia