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    The assessment of nutrient retention capacity of lakes and reservoirs
    Calculation of nutrient retention in European catchments applying a standard tool: EUROHARP-NUTRET
    Effect of cyanobacterial growth on biotite surfaces under laboratory nutrient-limited conditions
    The effect of N and P addition on vegetation in two deciduous forests on base-rich soil
    Loss of nutrients due to litter raking compared to the effect of acidic deposition in two spruce stands, Czech Republic
    Mass balance of nutrients and major solutes in the Plešné watershed-lake ecosystem in the 2001 hydrological year
    Response of root and sediment phosphatase activity to increased nutrients and salinity
    Rozważania nad metodyką monitoringu gleb strefy leśnej Karkonoskiego Parku Narodowego (KPN) - w świetle zróżnicowania właściwości tych gleb
    Soil Mg and Ca depletion as a result of experimental litter raking in two spruce forests, Czech Republic
    Speciation, phase association and potential bioavailability of phosphorus on a Svalbard glacier